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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 4 - Color QuickDraw / Color QuickDraw Reference


This section describes the pixel pattern ('ppat') resource, the color table ('clut') resource, and the color icon ('cicn') resource. Your application can use a 'ppat' resource to create multicolored patterns for drawing. Your application can use a 'clut' resource to define available colors for a pixel map or an indexed device. When you want to display a color icon within some element of your application (such as within a menu, an alert box, or a dialog box), you can create a 'cicn' resource. These resource types should be marked as purgeable.

These Color QuickDraw resources are compound structures and are more complex than a simple resource handle. When your application requests one of these resources, Color QuickDraw reads the requested resource, copies it, and then alters the copy before passing it to your application. Each time your application calls GetPixPat, for example, your application gets a new copy of a pixel pattern resource; therefore, your application should call GetPixPat only once for a particular pixel pattern resource.

The Pixel Pattern Resource
The Color Table Resource
The Color Icon Resource

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