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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 8 - Cursor Utilities / Cursor Utilities Reference
Routines / Displaying Animated Cursors


You can use the SpinCursor procedure to display an animated cursor when your application performs a medium-length operation that might cause the user to think that the computer has quit working.

PROCEDURE SpinCursor (increment: Integer);
A value that determines the sequencing direction of the cursor. A positive increment moves forward through the cursor frames, and a negative increment moves backward through the cursor frames. A 0 value for the increment resets the counter to 0 and steps to the next cursor frame.
The SpinCursor procedure is similar to the RotateCursor procedure except that, instead of passing a counter, you pass a value that indicates which direction to spin the cursor. Your application is responsible for determining the proper intervals at which to call SpinCursor. Your application specifies the increment to be counted, either positive or negative, and SpinCursor adds the increment to its counter. The sign of the increment, not the sign of the accumulated value of the SpinCursor counter, determines the cursor's direction of spin.

For an example of using the SpinCursor procedure, see Listing 8-4 on page 8-13.

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