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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 9 - Printing Manager / Printing Manager Reference
Data Structures /


The PrPicFile procedure (described on page 9-68) returns printing status information in a record of data type TPrStatus. (You call the PrPicFile procedure for a printer using deferred printing.)

TYPE TPrStatus =              {printing status record}
      iTotPages:  Integer;    {total pages in print file}
      iCurPage:   Integer;    {current page number}
      iTotCopies: Integer;    {total copies requested}
      iCurCopy:   Integer;    {current copy number}
      iTotBands:  Integer;    {reserved}
      iCurBand:   Integer;    {reserved}
      fPgDirty:   Boolean;    {TRUE if current page has been }
                              { written to}
      fImaging:   Boolean;    {reserved}
      hPrint:     THPrint;    {handle to the active TPrint record}
      pPrPort:    TPPrPort;   {pointer to the active printing }
                              { port}
      hPic:       PicHandle;  {handle to the active picture}
Field Description
The total number of pages being printed. This is the value of the iLstPage field minus the value of the iFstPage field, which are both in the TPrJob record (described on page 9-44).
The sequence number of the page currently being printed. For example, if the user prints pages 10 through 15 of a 20-page document, the value of the iCurPage field for page 10 is 1.
The total number of copies requested. This value may be different from the value of the iCopies field in the TPrJob record.
The number of the current copy being printed.
A flag indicating whether the printer has begun printing the current page. Set to TRUE if there has been any imaging on the current page.
A flag indicating whether the printer driver is in the middle of an imaging call.
A handle to the current TPrint record (described on page 9-41).
A pointer to the TPrPort record for the current printing graphics port (described on page 9-48).
A handle to the active picture. This is used by the printer driver; your application should not alter it.

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