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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 9 - Printing Manager / Printing Manager Reference
Data Structures /


The record of data type TGnlData is the basic record used by the PrGeneral procedure (described beginning on page 9-69). Although no opcode of PrGeneral uses the TGnlData record, all other records created for PrGeneral are based on this record.

TYPE TGnlData = 
      iOpCode:    Integer; {opcode passed to PrGeneral}
      iError:     Integer; {result code returned by PrGeneral}
      lReserved:  LongInt; {more fields here depending on opcode}
Field Description
The opcode that is passed to PrGeneral to obtain the requested feature. There are five possible opcodes; you can use the following constants or the values they represent to specify one of these opcodes
               CONST {opcodes used with PrGeneral}
                getRslDataOp  = 4;  {get resolutions for the }
                                    { current printer}
                setRslOp      = 5;  {set resolutions for a }
                                    { TPrint record}
                draftBitsOp   = 6;  {force enhanced draft- }
                                    { quality printing}
                noDraftBitsOp = 7;  {cancel enhanced draft- }
                                    { quality printing}
                getRotnOp     = 8;  {get page orientation of }
                                    { a TPrint record}
The result code returned by PrGeneral.
Reserved. Additional fields may follow this field, depending on the opcode used. See the descriptions of the TGetRslBlk (in the next section), TSetRslBlk (on page 9-51), TDftBitsBlk (on page 9-52), and TGetRotnBlk (on page 9-53) records.

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