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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 9 - Printing Manager / Printing Manager Reference
Data Structures /


You pass a record defined by the data type TGetRotnBlk to the PrGeneral procedure when you use the getRotnOp opcode. PrGeneral returns it with a Boolean variable that tells you whether the user has selected landscape orientation. For information on how to use the TGetRotnBlk record with the PrGeneral procedure, see "Determining Page Orientation" on page 9-30.

TYPE TGetRotnBlk =            {page orientation record}
      iOpCode:    Integer;    {the getRotnOp opcode}
      iError:     Integer;    {result code returned by PrGeneral}
      lReserved:  LongInt;    {reserved}
      hPrint:     THPrint;    {handle to current TPrint record}
      fLandscape: Boolean;    {TRUE if user selected landscape }
                              { printing}
      bXtra:      SignedByte; {reserved}
Field Description
The opcode getRotnOp.
The result code returned by the PrGeneral procedure.
A handle to a TPrint record, which is described on page 9-41. Your application should have already created this TPrint record and passed it through the PrintDefault or PrValidate routine to make sure that all of the information in the TPrint record is valid. The PrintDefault and PrValidate routines are described on page 9-56 and page 9-57, respectively.
A Boolean value that determines whether the user has selected landscape orientation in the style dialog box. A value of TRUE indicates the user has selected landscape orientation.

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