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Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw /
Chapter 4 - Color QuickDraw / Color QuickDraw Reference
Color QuickDraw Routines / Drawing With Color QuickDraw Colors


Use the FillCOval procedure to fill an oval with a pixel pattern.

PROCEDURE FillCOval (r: Rect; ppat: PixPatHandle); 
The rectangle containing the oval to be filled.
A handle to the PixPat record for the pixel pattern to be used for the fill.
Using the patCopy pattern mode and the pixel pattern defined in the PixPat record (the handle for which you pass in the ppat parameter), the FillCOval procedure fills an oval just inside the bounding rectangle that you specify in the r parameter. This procedure ignores the pnPat, pnMode, and bkPat fields of the current graphics port and leaves the pen location unchanged.

The FillCOval procedure may move or purge memory blocks in the application heap. Your application should not call this procedure at interrupt time.

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