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Apple’s Developer Technical Support engineering team is joining forces with established Apple engineers to field your questions and work to solve your technical issues. That means you’ll not only have access to an expanded knowledge base, you’ll also enjoy faster response times — so you can get back to creating and enhancing your app or game.

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With information reorganized by topics, subtopics, and corresponding tags, navigating the forums is easier than ever. The new streamlined layout lets you focus on the areas that interest or challenge you most, while also quickly connecting you with related documentation, tools, videos, and more.

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Apple Recommended response: Allows Apple engineers to add a “Recommended” icon to posts that answer the original question or are especially helpful.

Accepted Answer verification: Enables the person who originally posted a question to assign an “Answered” icon that links directly to the best answer — and allows others with the same issue to quickly find the best solution.

Boosts: Give you the option to quickly communicate a variety of sentiments, like if the post is a positive contribution to the site and community, or if you’re encountering a similar issue.

Floating topic thread navigator: Keeps the Watch and Reply buttons always in view.

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