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The Apple Developer Forums are a great place to post questions and share comments on a variety of development topics with fellow developers and Apple engineers.

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Signing In

Anyone can view the forums. To post, sign in with your Apple ID. If you have a developer account, sign in with the Apple ID associated with that account. The first time you sign in to the forums, you’ll be prompted to agree to the Apple Developer Forums Participation Agreement and to create a username. Choose a username that is between 3 and 36 characters in length using numerals, upper or lower case Roman letters, dashes (-), and/or underscores (_). Usernames are visible to anyone viewing the forums and cannot be changed later. View the Apple Developer Forums

Profile Page

Your profile page lists the number of questions you’ve posted, your reputation points, and how many of your answers are marked as Apple Recommended or correct. It also includes easy-to-navigate tabs that show:

  • Posts you’ve authored.
  • Replies you’ve authored.
  • Threads you’re watching. (Your Watching tab is private.)

In addition, you have the option of adding your location and a link to your product page or developer page on the App Store. You can also choose to show the last time you were online and how long you’ve been a forums user. Profiles are searchable and can be viewed by anyone.

Questions and Replies

Before asking a question, search for similar questions on the forums to see if answers may already be available. If there are no similar questions, click the “Ask” button on the top-right corner of the page, enter your question, and tag it appropriately.

When answering a question, read the question carefully and ensure that your answer addresses what is being asked. Make sure your answers are as complete and helpful as possible. Try to mention any limitations, assumptions, or simplifications.

You can edit any content that you’ve authored for up to one hour after posting.

If your question is answered correctly, mark the reply as correct by clicking the checkmark icon next to the reply to turn the icon green. When a reply is marked as correct, 15 reputation points are given to the author of the reply. 15 reputation points are also given to the reply, the question, and the tags associated with the question. Only the author of a question can mark a reply as correct and it can’t be unmarked.

An Apple Developer Forums admin can mark a reply as “Apple Recommended.” This causes the reply to appear at the top of the thread with a black Apple icon, and 25 reputation points are given to the reply, the author of the reply, the question, and the tags associated with the question.


You can format your posts using a Markdown-like editor. The editor supports the following Markdown features:

  • All headers, H1-H6
  • Ordered lists, tasks, and unordered lists
  • Bold and italic text
  • Links
  • Code and syntax highlighting
  • Blockquotes, code, and text quotes

Attaching Logs

You may need to attach log content when posting questions and replies. To do this, click on the attachment icon in the text editor. Add a title, paste your log content, and click Add Text. This text will be linked in the body of your post. Keep in mind that image attachments are not currently supported.


Tags are used to describe topics related to your question. You can choose up to four tags to add to your question. Only choose tags that are directly relevant so that users can easily find questions, provide answers, and engage productively. View the list of tags.

If you believe a tag is missing, let us know by creating a post using the “Forums Feedback” tag.


The following search queries are supported on Apple Developer Forums. When searching for a tag, include brackets.

  • Keywords. This returns questions matching the keywords you entered.
  • Tag keyword. Use the format [keyword]. This returns tags that contain the keyword. For example, if you search [watch], you will see all tags that include the word "watch."
  • One tag. Use the format [tag]. This returns the tag’s landing page (if available), which contains a brief description of the tag and the list of questions tagged. If the tag doesn’t have a landing page, you’ll just see the list of questions tagged.
  • Two or more tags. Use the format [tag][tag]. This returns questions that match all of the tags.
  • Keyword and tag. Use the format keyword [tag]. This returns questions that match both the keyword and tag.
  • Keyword and two or more tags. Use the format keyword [tag][tag] to return questions that match the keyword and all of the tags.
  • Tags. Use the format [all] to return all tags available on the Apple Developer Forums.
  • User. Use the format user:username. This returns the profile page if there’s an exact match. Otherwise, it returns a list of users whose names match the search.

Reputation Points

You can earn reputation points when you constructively participate on the forums, for example, when your reply is marked as the solution or as “Apple Recommended.” Reputation points may be lost if you spam the site, author indecipherable or off-topic content, or post content that violates the Apple Developer Forums Agreement.

Earning reputation points lets other users know how much quality content you contribute to the forums. A certain number of reputation points are required to perform actions like reporting and downvoting content. Reputation points given to questions and tags elevate content on the homepage and the tag’s landing page.

Upvoting and Downvoting

When a question or reply gives useful information or describes something of interest to you, you can upvote it to thank the author. You must have an Apple Developer Forums account to upvote questions and replies.

When a question is upvoted, 5 reputation points are given to the question, the author of the question, and the tags associated with question. When a reply is upvoted, 5 reputation points are given to the reply, the author of the reply, the question, and the tags associated with question. You can only upvote a post or reply once, and upvotes can be rescinded. When you rescind your upvote, all reputation points gained from the upvote are lost.

When a question or reply gives incorrect information, you can downvote it to discourage the author. Only forums users with 100 or more reputation points can downvote questions and replies. When you downvote a question, 5 reputation points are deducted from the question and the author of the question. When you downvote a reply to a post, 5 reputation points are deducted from the reply and the author of the reply. You can only downvote a post or reply once, and downvotes can be rescinded. When you rescind your downvote, all reputation points deducted as a result of the downvote are restored.

Watching Threads

To follow threads that interest you without having to check for new activity, click the black bell icon in the upper-left corner of the thread. The icon turns blue and you’ll receive an email each time the thread is updated. All threads that you actively watch are listed on your forums profile page under the Watching tab for easy reference. Watching is anonymous and only you can see the Watching tab on your profile. To stop watching a thread, delete it from the Watching tab or click the bell again at the top of the thread.

Email Notifications

You can manage your notifications settings on your forums profile page. Email notifications can be sent if:

  • There’s a new reply to your question.
  • Your answer is marked as Apple Recommended.
  • Your answer is marked as correct.

In addition, you’ll receive emails to notify you of replies to threads you’re watching.


You can share questions and replies with anyone by clicking the Share icon at the bottom of a post. A menu will appear with share options.


Questions may require moderator approval to ensure a safe and secure platform for you and other developers. Moderators try to approve questions as quickly as possible, but moderation times may vary due to the volume of posts.

If a question or reply violates the Apple Developer Forums guidelines, or is a duplicate, forums users with 50 or more reputation points can report it by clicking the red exclamation mark under the post. Moderators will review the content and take appropriate action if needed.


Be Kind

  • Make everyone feel welcome.
  • When asking questions, search the forums and documentation first, and provide as much context as possible.
  • Offer constructive encouragement and be as helpful as possible.
  • Avoid misleading, rude, derogatory, or bullying language and screen names.
  • Treat others with respect.

Be Topical

  • Tag questions appropriately.
  • If there is a problem with Apple software or documentation, please file a bug report. For problems with third-party software (e.g., compatibility with new seeds), contact the developer directly.
  • For help with nontechnical issues, contact Apple Developer Support.
  • Don’t speculate on unannounced products or rumors.
  • Avoid gossip, rants, solicitation, and self-promotion.

Be Careful

  • Avoid sharing personally identifiable information.
  • Obey the law.
  • Only discuss public, supported APIs.
  • Don’t try to circumvent legal agreements or help others to do so.
  • Report any posts you feel may violate these guidelines.

For more details, see the Apple Developer Forums Participation Agreement. If necessary, Apple will edit and remove posts that violate these guidelines. Repeat violators may be removed from the forums.


You can provide feedback on the forums by contacting Apple Developer Support or by creating a post and adding the “Forums Feedback” tag.

Apple Developer Forums Personnel

Apple Moderators are Apple employees who focus on ensuring a productive environment for technical discussions. Apple Moderators have the authority to edit, delete, and retag posts, and may intervene if a discussion goes off topic or becomes counterproductive. Apple staff are members of Apple engineering or technical support who participate in technical discussions.

Apple staff will have an Apple icon next to their username. You can find this icon on their profile page and next to their name when they author content. Apple staff may offer useful advice in their areas of expertise, but should not be considered spokespeople or enforcers of Apple Developer Forums policy.

Important: Employees of Apple Inc. ("Apple") may respond to issues within this forum. Apple is under no duty to provide a response to an issue, or to do so in a timely manner. If Apple responds to an issue, it is Apple’s intent that the information provided is accurate and reliable. Apple expressly disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, as to any information provided by it under the Apple Developer Forums, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Apple may provide information that is relevant to an international issue, which may contain references or cross-references to Apple products, programs, and services that are not announced in your region. Such reference does not imply that Apple intends to announce such products, programs, or services in your region.