iOS 11.0

This article summarizes the key developer-related features introduced in iOS 11, which runs on currently shipping iOS devices. The article also lists the documents that describe new features in more detail.

For late-breaking news and information about known issues, see iOS 11 Release Notes.

For a complete list of new, modified, and deprecated APIs, see Apple Developer Documentation.

To learn about new features for SafariServices and WebKit, see What's New in Safari.

To learn about what’s new in Swift, see Swift Language in What’s New in Xcode and The Swift Programming Language (Swift 4).


App Frameworks

Graphics and Games

Metal 2

Metal 2 contains significant additions and updates to Metal, the Metal Shading Language, and the Metal Performance Shaders framework. Items below indicate where the updates occur:

  – MTL: An update in the Metal framework.

  – MSL: An update in the Metal Shading Language.

  – MPS: An update in the Metal Performance Shaders framework.

App Services

Media and Web