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Mac Automation Scripting Guide

Opening a Scripting Dictionary

Script Editor can open dictionaries and display their contents for you to consult while writing scripts.

To open a scripting dictionary in Script Editor

Do one of the following:

  • Drag an app or scripting addition onto Script Editor in the Dock or in the Finder.

    image: ../Art/open_dictionary_drop_2x.png
  • Choose File > Open Dictionary (or press Shift-Command-O), and select a scriptable app or scripting addition.

    image: ../Art/script-editor_open-dictionary_menu_2x.png
  • Double-click an app or scripting addition in the Library palette. If the Library palette isn’t visible, choose Window > Library (or press Shift-Command-L) to display it. Click the Add button (+) in the Library palette to add a new app or scripting addition to the list for quick access in the future.

    image: ../Art/script-editor_library_palette_2x.png

An error message is displayed if you attempt to open an app without scripting terminology—a nonscriptable app.

image: ../Art/script-editor_dictionary-error_2x.png