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Hi! I am trying to use the Apple Unity Plugins to add VoiceOver support to my game. I have built the plugins, and followed along with the video shown at However, I am seeing odd behaviour that I hope someone could help me with. For what it's worth, I am using Unity 2021.3.10f1 to build my game. I used the recommended version of Unity (2020.3.33f1) to build the plugins. Odd behaviour #1: I cannot work out what determines the order of AccessibilityNodes. If I have three GameObjects at the same level in the hierarchy, all marked with the trait button, using VoiceOver's single swipe right to go to each element in turn, seems to go to the last element first, then the first, then the second. At first I wondered if it was related to alphabetical order (GameObjects are called 'Music', 'SFX', 'Delete'), but renaming them to prefix numbers to the start of the names doesn't change the order. I have also tried removing the Label from the AccessibilityNode, but this did not help. Odd behaviour #1.5: The video says that Buttons don't need labels, and that if you use standard Unity UI controls, the label should be picked up automatically. I am not seeing this behaviour. I have a GameObject with a Button component, with a child GameObject with a TextMeshPro component. The label is not being picked up automatically. Odd behaviour #2: Once I have a button selected, I am unable to trigger it, with a VoiceOver 1-finger double tap. It just seems to repeat the label of the button. The GameObject I am trying to trigger just has a Button component, and the configuration looks the same as in the video. Does anyone have any successful experience using this plugin and could give me any insight? Thanks, Stephen
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