In-App Purchase for Developers

In-App Purchase lets you sell a variety of items directly within your free or paid app, including premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions. And just like apps you sell on the App Store, you receive 70% of the purchase price.

Documentation and Guidelines

Tips and Best Practices

You can now offer auto-renewable subscriptions in your Mac apps on the Mac App Store. Learn more

Tips and Best Practices

Host non-consumable In-App Purchase items on Apple’s servers, so you can easily add, manage, and deliver In-App Purchase
content for your app.

Tips and Best Practices

Selling items in multiple apps? Product identifiers must be unique across all apps and platforms.

Tips and Best Practices

Ready to test? In-App Purchase items in the "Ready to Submit" state can be tested in the sandbox environment.

Tips and Best Practices

For non-consumable In-App Purchase products, make sure your app includes a restore button.

Tips and Best Practices

When you set up In-App Purchase test users, you need to create a new Apple ID for each user.

Tips and Best Practices

Selling items in multiple countries? You will need to create an In-App Purchase test user for each country where you'll be offering In-App Purchase items.


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