Working with Audio

Apple platforms provide a comprehensive set of audio frameworks and technologies that are essential to creating a rich app experience. Use them to immerse your users in multichannel audio with spatial rendering, process sound in realtime using AVAudioEngine, and engage the creativity of enthusiasts and professionals through Audio Unit Extensions.

Session Videos

See the latest in audio technologies for Apple platforms presented at WWDC.

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Documentation and Sample Code

Playing Audio

Play audio files in your apps with APIs such as Media Player and AVPlayer.

Audio Files and Format Conversion

Open, read, and write to audio files. Convert between different sample rates from your app.

Sample Code

Recording and Processing Audio

Record and process audio in real-time or offline with AVFoundation APIs.

Sample Code

Streaming with AirPlay 2

Wirelessly stream audio from an Apple device to an Apple TV, HomePod, or AirPlay 2-compatible speaker or smart TV with AirPlay 2.