Build Your Apps for iOS 12

iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. Now you can build even more intelligent apps using the power of machine learning with Core ML 2 and Create ML. You can create multiplayer augmented reality experiences and incorporate real world objects with ARKit. And you can use Siri Shortcuts, new camera APIs, and other exciting technologies to deliver more intelligent and immersive user experiences.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri can now intelligently pair users’ daily routines with your apps to suggest convenient shortcuts right when they’re needed. Use the Shortcuts API to help users quickly accomplish tasks related to your app, directly from the lock screen, in Search, or from the Siri watch face.

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Machine Learning

With Core ML 2, you can process models faster than ever, make them smaller, and much more. And now, you can easily build and train models using the new Create ML framework, with no machine learning expertise required.

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ARKit 2

iOS is the biggest AR platform in the world, and now you can create even more incredible experiences with ARKit 2. Multiple users can use their iOS device to simultaneously view AR experiences or play multiplayer games, as bystanders spectate. AR experiences can be saved and resumed at a later time in the same state. And you can incorporate real-world objects into your AR experiences, giving your users greater immersive opportunities.

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Automatic Strong Passwords

Support Password AutoFill in your apps to let your users create and save strong, secure passwords for their accounts.

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Now you can add controls, like buttons and switches, for interactive notifications with custom views.

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The updated Portrait Segmentation API and Depth API let your apps interact with images in new ways.

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Available in 2019

Sneak Peek at New Developer Framework for Mac Apps

The News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home apps announced at WWDC were brought to the Mac using UIKit frameworks that have been adapted and added to macOS. This technology will be available to developers in 2019, making it easier to bring iOS apps to macOS, providing new opportunities, and creating more apps for Mac users to enjoy.

App Store

The App Store, the best app platform in the world, lets you easily deliver apps and games to hundreds of millions of people around the world on their iPhone and iPad.

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