Get Ready for iOS 13

iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. With iOS 13, you can now use cutting-edge technologies to build unparalleled augmented reality experiences with ARKit 3, Reality Composer, and RealityKit. Core ML 3 and the new Create ML app help you deliver personalized app experiences quickly and easily with industry-leading, on-device machine learning. Users can sign in to your apps with their Apple ID. And you can take advantage of the latest improvements to Siri Shortcuts, camera APIs, and other exciting technologies.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been beautifully integrated throughout iOS, and Xcode 11 gives you powerful tools to easily support dark mode in your apps. Quickly switch your designs and previews between light and dark in Interface Builder, and preview both modes in SwiftUI, even side-by-side. Asset catalogs let you label assets and named colors with variants for light and dark. You can even switch your app in and out of dark mode while debugging.

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Augmented Reality

ARKit 3 delivers an incredible awareness of people with the ability to integrate human movement into your app, the new People Occlusion feature that lets AR content realistically pass behind and in front of people in the real world, and much more. It’s easy to prototype and produce AR experiences with Reality Composer — a powerful new app that lets you easily create AR experiences, and RealityKit — a new high-level augmented reality framework.

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Use the latest advances in Siri to provide an interactive voice experience with follow-up questions, additional shortcut customization, and audio content playback. Your apps can let Siri know when a user makes a reservation so Siri can remind them to check in, provide directions in Maps, add the event to Calendar, and more. And with the Shortcuts app built in to iOS 13, it’s even faster for users to find, use, and combine shortcuts.

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Machine Learning

With on-device model training and a gallery of curated models, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of machine learning. Core ML 3 seamlessly takes advantage of the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine to provide maximum performance and efficiency, and lets you integrate the latest cutting-edge models into your apps. The new Create ML app lets you build, train, and deploy machine learning models with no machine learning expertise required.

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iPadOS makes iPad more powerful and capable than ever, with a host of thoughtful, intuitive features that take full advantage of the unique characteristics of this incredible device. You can now take advantage of multiwindow capabilities, text editing improvements, PencilKit — a new feature-rich drawing and annotation framework for integrating Apple Pencil, and more.

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Privacy and Security

Sign in with Apple

Now users can sign in to your apps and websites with their Apple ID, and can even use Face ID or Touch ID. With privacy and security features, Sign in with Apple is a great way to help your users set up an account and get started right away.

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New authentication and privacy features enable iPhone and iPad to better integrate into existing enterprise identity systems, provide employees with access to new services, and further advance user privacy while meeting the security needs of IT.


The updated Portrait Segmentation API lets you create new effects for Portrait mode photos.


MapKit now has improved overlays and filtering by Points of Interest.


API changes include WiFi and Bluetooth location security enhancements.