See What’s New in watchOS 7 beta.

Create apps for watchOS.

Build your apps for watchOS to bring users timely information and give them an easy way to complete quick actions no matter where they are. It’s simpler than ever. Take advantage of SwiftUI — a new UI framework that transforms the way you work — and new APIs that let you deliver more robust experiences. Build completely independent watchOS apps or even watchOS apps without iOS counterparts. And now, users can find and install your apps directly on the App Store on Apple Watch.

Independent Apps

watchOS 6 lets you leverage the power of iOS frameworks and technologies to create a fully independent app experience on Apple Watch. Sign in with Apple lets users sign in to apps on Apple Watch, even when they’re away from their phone. And for the first time, you can build an app just for Apple Watch, without a companion app on iOS.

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App Store on Apple Watch

The App Store for Apple Watch is available on watchOS 6 and lets you easily discover, browse, search, and install watchOS apps directly on Apple Watch. Search using Siri, dictation, or Scribble, or go directly to the product page by tapping a product page link.

Streaming Audio

Now your app can offer streaming audio so users can stay connected to episodes, albums, audiobooks, meditations, radio, and more wherever they go.

Extended Runtime

Apps designed for session-based use, such as mindfulness, alarms, and physical therapy, can now get extended runtime as well as access to heart rate, motion, and location.

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Core ML and the Neural Engine

watchOS 6 gives your app access to the Neural Engine in Apple Watch Series 4, opening up a world of possibilities. Incorporate trained models into your app, and process and analyze inputs on-device.