Xcode Cloud

Xcode Cloud is a continuous integration and delivery service built into Xcode and designed expressly for Apple developers. It accelerates the development and delivery of high-quality apps by bringing together cloud-based tools that help you build apps, run automated tests in parallel, deliver apps to testers, and view and manage user feedback.

Automated workflows

Configure workflows to suit your development process or use the built-in workflow to get started and customize it as your process evolves. You can build every committed code change and your team will be instantly alerted if a change introduces any issues — potentially saving days of wasted time before bugs are found by your users.

Parallel testing

Configure Xcode Cloud to test one or two device types for a quick check on your project’s health, or test a wide range of device configurations less frequently for edge cases. Xcode Cloud allocates resources in parallel to quickly complete the testing job while you and your Mac keep coding.

Built into Xcode

Results for your builds and tests — and even feedback on crashes from users — are presented right inside Xcode. As builds happen in the cloud, Xcode shows live status indicators and lets you filter by the build tasks you want to monitor.

Built into App Store Connect

The App Store Connect web dashboard shows critical information about your builds and testing results. You can also edit your workflows and launch builds directly from the web.

Works with TestFlight

Xcode Cloud and TestFlight work together to install new builds for your team so that everyone can immediately start testing, or to send specific branches of your app with unique in-development features to select external testers as you experiment with new ideas. You can also create and share tester notes, helping keep all of your users up to date on your latest improvements.

Secured and private

Xcode Cloud is designed to protect your projects and privacy, with all data encrypted at rest and access protected by two-factor authentication. Source code is only accessed for builds and the ephemeral build environments are destroyed when your build completes.

Get started for free with Xcode

Download Xcode, configure your first project, and start building your app for free in Xcode Cloud in just a few minutes.1 The build status is displayed in Xcode and reports show the results immediately after the build finishes. Xcode Cloud uses the information from your Xcode project to optimize your build settings.

Download on the Mac App Store

Learn how to configure your project

Subscriptions available

You can subscribe to a monthly plan for Xcode Cloud, depending on the number of compute hours you need.2 Upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. All Apple Developer Program members receive 25 hours per month for free.3

25 compute hours/month


100 compute hours/month


250 compute hours/month


1000 compute hours/month


Xcode Cloud requires Apple Developer Program membership.
A compute hour is an hour of time used to execute a specific task in the cloud, such as building an app or running automated tests. For example, running 5 tests of 12 minutes each equals one compute hour. Xcode Cloud runs tests in parallel with other actions, such as analyzing, archiving, and building, so you’ll get results quickly.
Free through December 2023, then US$14.99 per month if you choose to subscribe at that time.

Track and manage usage

Track the usage and trends of projects, products, and workflows across your team in App Store Connect.