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A desired function?

Dear all developers, I’m an Apple product fan for about nine years. All my electronics, such as iPhone, iPad, macbook, AirPods, etc, all these are my usual belongings for every day. However there’s always a frustrating problem about my photos. I’m a piano learner/lover and without doubt I need to view music sheets which have been edited and saved in my photos…..then I got hundreds of photos in my iPad and actually every time it takes me huge amounts of time to catch the sheets I need!!! Is there any “rename” or “text label” function for every photo so that I could search the name and quickly locate ???  I sincerely advise that would be developed in the near future. Please be so kind as to see to it that my suggestions would arrive at the development department…..Thanks!
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How do I get the "real" frame of a prominent displayed scene in iPadOS 15?

iOS 15 adds a new way to display scenes which Apple seems to call "prominent" (docs). From what I can tell, your scene's window has a frame equal to the devices' main screen but then OS then scales it down for display. This is a problem because it seems that the keyboard's frame is not adjusted for this when listening to keyboard notifications via NotificationCenter which is making it impossible to implement keyboard avoidance for while the scene is displayed prominently. Has anyone else run into this or know of an API to get the actual dimensions of your scene so that it's possible to calculate?
by ericglabs.
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