Animated Splash Screen

i have an image that I want to use for the start up screen of my iOS app. The only thing I need help with is adding animation to it. I want to add dots below the image that I have that will flicker going upward. Then after a second I want the image to disappear to reveal the home screen. Is there a program I need to accomplish this or is it with code, and if so what is the code to do this.


You cannot do this in splash screens, which are very limited.

But you can have an initial view, with the same image as the spash screen, where animation will show, creating the user experience you are looking for.

If you just want a general description, this may be wasy to read:

how to add animation to launch screen in iOS 9.3 using Objective c

Is there a way to do this with swift

Have you really read the content of the link? It's a general description independent of language.

How would I do it like you suggested where the animation is on the initial view.

There are very simple way. As I said, the trick is to create an initial view with the same image and animate on this initial view. And segue automatically from this view to the first operational view after a delay you decide.

Other more sophisticated ways :

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h ttps://

If you do not know how to animate a view shown by usual view cotnroller, that's another issue than a Launch Screen.

Please clarify what you do find difficulty.

I don’t know how to animate a view shown by a view controller. How would I do that so that.

There are good tutorials to show how to do:

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