I am trying to build to my device but I get this error: Unable to add App ID because the '10' App ID limit in '7' days has been exceeded.

"Unable to add App ID because the '10' App ID limit in '7' days has been exceeded". Even when I click "Fix Issue" I continue to get the same error.


It's a bad fix, but a fix nonetheless http://stackoverflow.com/a/36943117/1166266

If you just need to get it to test on a device, you can just make a new Apple ID with a free dev account. It's bad, but it's what you've got

What is going on? I've been learning iOS development since January and have created various test projects for my personal iPhone and know I've created and torn down more apps than this in 7 days? What is with this crazy limit???

Me too experiencing same issue... What is this strange limit ? Is it expected to be fixed ?

Please share if there is any other workaround for this ?

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As suggested in above link, using an existing bundle id resolved issue for me

It's happen just to free account.

In my case (free dev account):

- I cannot possibly have hit "the '10' App ID limit in '7' days", because this is the first app I've even attempted to run on device in over 7 days. In the past 10 days, I have worked on 2 apps total, and all runs have been Simulator.

- Attempting to re-use a ~2-week-recent previous provisioning profile's bundle id results in the same error.

- Attempting to re-run any recent apps using their normal and previously successful provisioning profiles results in the same error.

- Checking Xcode > Preferences > Accounts > View Details lists NO provisioning profiles.

I am loathe to just randomly create even a single new account for several reasons. But it is pretty clear the system is BADLY BROKEN.

Creating new Apple IDs just to get around this issue is not a good workaround. I haven't tried that because it looks as though it's going to try to create a new ID on my MacBook and I don't need that kind of confusion. I use my one Apple ID for my iPhone and my MacBook and they work together seamlessly thus far, and I suspect as soon as I'd add a new one I'm going to be dealing with "Which ID do you want to use" baloney or some other confusion from that point on, and if I wanted to have that kind of drama I wouldn't have gotten a MacBook & iPhone ::grin:: For one thing, if everyone created multiple IDs on a large scale to get around this limitation, then we might see something like what's happened on a certain social media site wherein some ridiculous percentage of IDs are suspected to be fakes.

I agree on not creating a new Apple ID to try to get around the limitation. I don't understand what's going on, and why. I plan on paying the 99 bucks once I gain a level of proficiency in coding for iOS, and I don't want to start the annual membership clock to ticking until then. In the meantime, I thought (or it seemed reasonable) that I could create and tear down Xcode projects and try them out on my own phone as much as I wanted while I'm learning. If this is some type of intentional limitation Apple is placing on free developers, to hurry them into enrolling, it's going to backfire, for a number of reasons. For instance, there might be half-baked apps submitted to the App Store because the developer paid to remove this crazy restriction, and now she can submit to the App Store as well, so...well you get the idea. Also, there might be a preponderance of phony Apple IDs created solely to circumvent this issue. That never looks good to be known to have a large percentage of fake profiles. And finally, you might get some people like me who are reconsidering their plans to jump into iOS app development. I haven't invested a whole lot of time (maybe 5 months), and this new stumbling block is definitely not encouraging.

Yep. Same exact situation as you, @grundoon. I suspect this is some sloppily coded restriction that is failing on the first run. Silly restriction + buggy check for restriction = frustrated and discouraged developer. I have bounties out on StackOverflow for a direct, thorough explanation from an Apple support representative who is aware of this issue. I've been a computer science professional for 16 years and have been learning iOS development for the past 5 months after buying a MacBook and testing my ideas out on my iPhone 6 Plus. Up until April 30 I was blissfully doing this. Now I'm feeling like I'm being forced into starting the annual membership clock before I'm ready. It was my understanding I could test as much as I wanted on my ONE phone with MY computer, and then when I was ready to have a go at submitting an app to the App Store, I'd pay the fee. Seemed silly to pay it this early in the game when I don't feel ready to submit something.

just use one of your old bundle IDs

It works!

I'm experiencin the same issue! A new account didn't help me though 😕. Really hope this gets fixed soon.

I'm also running into the same problem.

I downloaded an Apple code sample and tried to run it and received that error.

I thought it was caused by the Bundle Identifier but even after changing it the same error appeared.

I've only worked on a single app for the past couple of months so I'm not sure where its getting that limit from.

Turn off "Automatically manage signing" and Bingo!

After 5 years stll....

After 5 years still…

… this security restriction is in place.

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