Implementing iPod wheel style scrubbing gesture with the new Siri Remote

I am trying to implement the new iPod wheel style scrubbing gesture that was recently added to AVPlayerController on my custom Player UI built on top of AVPlayer .

I can not find any new API reporting this kind of gestures from the remote control, is there some API that I am missing that is actually reporting these gestures?

Otherwise, how would you recommend to implement something like that? Should I use the GameController SDK in order to get the actual position of the user's finger?

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Hi there,

You need to use AVPlayerController for that gesture, you’ll get it for free alongside the new redesigned and improved player. AVPlayerController has a bunch of new APIs to allow for greater customization, check out this session for more information: Deliver a great playback experience on tvOS.

  • Hello. I'm also looking for the same solution as OP and I did watch the entire video for the new remote but it doesn't showcase the ipod wheel style scrubbing. Could you also point out what API is being used in AVPlayerController or AVPlayerViewController to hook it up onto my custom player?

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