Widevine on iOS

I have seen Widevine documentaion and saw the below:

Widevine DRM SDK for iOS

Apple iOS does not natively support Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) orCommon Encryption (CENC). For this reason, Widevine DRM has created an SDK for iOS developers who want to stream video using DASH with CENC. Since iOS uses the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol instead of DASH, Widevine DRM transmuxes DASH to HLS on-the-fly, while keeping the content protected. Widevine DRM provides the CDM Dynamic Library to facilitate the transmuxing process.

Question :

1) Widevine DRM transmuxes DASH to HLS on-the-fly - where ? on the clinet? if yes , does Apple allow DASH content to transmit to iOS app then transmux to HLS just before playing ?

2) Do we have any restrictions on HLS only stream on iOS devices?

3) is there anyway I can use widevine in the place of FairPlay on iOS devices?


Some comments if useful:)

1) Yes, Widevine SDK for iOS transmuxes DASH to HLS on-the-fly on the client. I think Apple won't control what's stream format your app would play?

2) check this document for HLS using in iOS device : https://developer.apple.com/documentation/http_live_streaming/hls_authoring_specification_for_apple_devices

3) I don't think you can do that as they are different DRM system.