Xcode 11 debugger error: Couldn't lookup symbols

I'm integrating a 3rd party library in my project. After updating to the latest version and switching from regular frameworks to XCframework I've started seeing this issue:

Whenever I'm trying to inspect an object from the 3rd party library via LLDB console, e.g.

po <object.property>

i'm getting this error:

error: Couldn't lookup symbols:
  dispatch thunk of <...>

At the same time I can inspect the object in the Variables View

Any idea if this is an integration or framework distribution issue ?


I have the same problem with Xcode 12.2
Any updates?
I have the same problem with Xcode 12.3

Same issu with Xcode 12.5 with SwiftUI application for @State and @Published properties

@ZeTof for @State properties, you can use po self._ to make it work.

struct SomeView: View {
    @State var someProperty: Int

po self._someProperty instead of po self.someProperty.