Iso 14.2 battery drain on iPad Air 2

Since installation of iso 14.1 and 14.2 I can watch my battery drain visibly by the minute.
I have to charge it three times a day and it even drain when it’s not in use.
so what’s causing the drain.
I have turned off all automatic updates on all apps
i have turned off Siri on all apps
i have turned off background processing on all apps
i checked with my isp as my data disappeared 100gb in the three days I had it installed.
they told me it was iTunes that was using all my data followed by safari. Shall I delete iTunes ? But if I do that what’s the point of having an Apple device? I
I was advised to switch off wifi support in the data settings as it does a 85mb check each time it checks to see if it should be using wifi or mobile data.
I have now switched my data off completely. So again i ask what’s the point of paying for an Apple device if you can’t use your data plan?

ok so now with no data activated I only have the battery drain to deal with
so with nothing running and all the obvious switched off what’s causing it. There is obviously a service running the is very expensive of the battery.

do you have an answer and if so is there a way for me to switch the service off.


I have the same problem with my iPad to drain AND SLOW TO CHARGE since installing IOS 14. I was going to buy the iPhone 12 Pro but am seriously thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra now.
Yes, both myself and my husband have iPad Air 2 and both currently running iOS 14.2 We have both noticed that our iPads are draining extremely quickly since our updates. As the comment below, we are also noticing it takes A VERY LONG TIME to then charge the iPads. Not very convenient if out and about and one minute you have 70% and 10 minutes later it goes down to 15% 😡😡 Just writing this short comment in less than 10 minutes, I have already lost 5%....

I am considering updating my iPad but will hold back from doing so until this is resolved, otherwise I may have to consider purchasing a rival brand.

Are Apple going to release a bug fix for this? If so, QUICKLY please‼️
I’m having the same issue with my iPad Air 2. Been like this past few months now. iPad just shuts off when it gets to around 34%, then when I restart it, shows battery dead. So have to fully charge it, once it’s charged and I restart it again, the battery level starts dropping by 3% with a minute and so on. Getting ridiculous this now that there is still no update with a fix. Apple has been so buggy over the years now. Please fix this urgently Apple.
did anybody try to revert the update?
I have this issue too, but it started before iPadOS 14 (maybe around IOS 13) but it really escalated in iPadOS 14. I didn't know if it was software related or just old battery. I finally went to the Apple store and the battery had failed. I paid for a replacement, so I now have a basically brand new iPad air 2. The battery is still draining in front of my eyes. I had just reset the the exchanged iPad, so the restore was pretty much like a new iPad with no extras running. I had already reset to factory with no luck with fixing this issue.

I have an iPad 2 and an iPad 4 that have been stored (shut off) for almost a year which still had 50% battery left when I turned it on. I left them on and when I checked again this morning, they are still holding the same battery charge. The iPad air 2 is down 10% having done literally nothing.
Is there any link for solution to this problem..i have the same problem with me airpad2 ...battery drain is by the minute....and its super discomforting to work due to this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks .
  • Still a problem! During last months I have noticed that a normal USB-A to lightning- cable cannot keep up with the battery loss, when streaming video on my Air pro. I need a USB-C connection. Battery drain visibly fast even while browsing text-pages. The battery health information says everything is working as intended. 🤷‍♂️ It has gone 6 months, and the problem persists. Obviously this is not going to change?….. has Apple gone from a spearhead innovator of non compromise- high end products, to a profit-first company like most of the rest?

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Hi everyone, I want to update my Air 2 from ipadOS 12.4 to 14.7.1, do the battery issues continue?

  • I have the same issue here. Perhaps it’s to make us get rid of our 10+ year old devices but didn’t they get in trouble with this n the past? Anything happening?

    Fyi - was 22% charged after charging for hours (and using it for some of the time). Been on for 30 minutes and at 5% now.

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I don’t really have much problems, but I think the iPad is the problem.

I have the latest ipad pro and have been having the evsame issue since my ipad no longer has ios 13.x. So i dont know if this would work for you or if it even applies, this is my only apple device i ever had, but i fixed this problem by removing the mail app that came with it. Not sure why others didnt figure it out yet as changes to this app have been advised on threads like this and i read a lot of them desperately. My ipad was virtually useless, browsing the web would kill 30% of the battery within minutes. Now it takes 6 minutes to drop 1% which im not sure is optimal either but it sure as hell is worlds away from what it was