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Hello All,

I installed the iOS 15 developer beta onto my iPhone 11 Pro and put back the iOS 14.6. Thereafter my icloud account is corrupted at the share my location option.

Find My is not logged in into my account therefore I cannot see my devices and especially my Airtag which is bad because I cannot use it. In settings when I check the share my location section a window is popping up which says Share My Location Unavailable. Server issue, Try again later.

I made factory reset and tried out everything what I found on the forums.

The problem should be related to my account because share my location and find my on the same phone same SW another account is working well.

Please help and advise,

Thank you,

  • I'd suggest submitting a bug to Apple via Feedback Assistant. I also have this issue and submitted a bug with quite a bit of detail. I'm unable to enable Find My Mac on either of my Macs (one running 11.4, the other 12 beta 1) nor on my iPod touch (11.6), iPad Pro (15b1) or iPhone (15b1). Hopefully it's something they can fix on our accounts soon.

  • Thank you Matt for your feedback. It is comforting to know that I'm not the only one with this issue. Unfortunately I am on 14.6 now so I cannot submit a request in the Feedback Assisstant. Please comment if your problem will be solved. I will put back the beta thereafter in hope that my issue will be solved as well.

  • Same issues on my end too! I have had Apple engineers working on it to no avail to date. Been going on a week and a half now. Feel free and reference my case, Case ID: 101406550109.

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Hey Guys! Surprise, surprise! Today I logged in again and everything is working. I just need to re-add my airtag after a reset.


Same thing happening here for the last 12 Fuad or so. Sent in detailed feedback and they requested more, so I did.

I reverted one of my iPhone back to iOS 14 and my iPad, but no find my services working on any devices. If I go to, everything shows working as fine.

my device constantly want me to sign into icloud, even though they are already signed in. I swear it seems like something is corrupted in my Apple ID or something. Car wait to here some results back. Hopefully beta two this week.

Ok so I too was met with this issue. After two weeks of searching far and wide. I started thinking location sharing services are directly related to iMessage. So I searched some more and stumbled upon old apple discussion forum from 2014. I could not believe it was this easy after restoring numerous devices. Step 1 turn off iMessage Step 2 turn of device while iMessage is disabled. Do not force restart device just soft restart volume up and down then slide to power off. I would wait about 60 seconds then restart device and enable iMessage. After iMessage has properly activated return to settings>iCloud>findmy and you will be a happy camper.

Hey Guys! Surprise, surprise! Today I logged in again and everything is working. I just need to re-add my airtag after a reset.

You’re right! I’m fixed too!!!!!! Must have been a backend issue!!!