Get ready for a new Game Center authentication certificate

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Starting August 4, 2021, a new certificate for server-based Game Center verification will be available via the publicKeyUrl property of fetchItems(forIdentityVerificationSignature:) or generateIdentityVerificationSignature. The previous certificate will no longer be available after this date. As a reminder, make sure your app always retrieves and uses the current publicKeyUrl value so it automatically uses the new certificate. 

If your app caches the certificate or hardcodes the certificate URL, you’ll need to update to

Please note, this root certificate issuer has been updated from Symantec Corporation to DigiCert, Inc. Make sure to check that the new root certificate issuer is on your list of trusted CAs. You can download the trusted root CA (DigiCert trusted G4) from

Following industry standards introduced this year, this new certificate’s key has also been increased to 4096 bits to meet the 3072 bit or larger requirement. This change in key length shouldn't impact current functionality. 

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