The h264 video for the MetalFX upscaling session is poorly encoded

The video for the MetalFX upscaling session is poorly encoded, resulting in terrible looking artifacts that completely obscure the results of the upscaling effect. Some segments are so blocky from h264 compression artifacts that you can barely see anything. This is true even if I download the HD video and play it back locally on my computer.

Please fix this so that we can see the results of this amazing new technology. If this video stays with such poor quality people will misunderstand what they are seeing and come to false conclusions about this new tech.



Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of the low quality video download issue, and working on addressing this.

The existing download links are largely to support platforms and devices that cannot play back our HLS links, or to grab a quick downloaded version prior to hopping on a plane. They are also relatively low bitrate in order to optimize device storage utilization.

Meanwhile, for the highest quality video viewing experience please avoid using the download links, but use streaming options on a high bandwidth connection.

Sincerely, Kelvin

Thanks for your patience, we have fixed the issue along with a 4K video download link on this page:

Sincerely, Kelvin