assertion failed: 12F70: libxpc.dylib


My app is working just fine.

Launching works fine, doesn't crash at all.

Yet... in the device log of my iPhone6, I see this entry every time I start my app (executable 'dig')

Jun 26 12:06:16 Brams-iPhone6 dig[3419] <Error>: assertion failed: 12F70: libxpc.dylib + 71768 [B870B51D-AA85-3686-A7D9-ACD48C5FE153]: 0x7d

Jun 26 12:06:16 Brams-iPhone6 Unknown[3419] <Error>:

My process reports an assertion failure in libxpc, yet happily continues launching.

What on earth is up with that?


Bram Stolk


In general problems like this are bugworthy. If it were causing problems for your app I'd be happy to dig deeper but, given that your app is working fine, I recommend you file a bug and move on.

Please post your bug number, just for the record.

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