Verifying the Domain for Apple Pay using Demandware


I am currently trying to verify my domain for Apple Pay so that we may begin Sandbox testing as soon as possible. Apple Developer directs us to upload the file at [domain]

We have created out Payment Processing Certificate, our Merchant Identity Certificate, and Merchant ID. We have staged Apple Pay in Business Manager Staging, including registering the Sandbox domain.

Is the /.well-known/ path one that we must create ourselves? This seems to be the only step that does not have clear direction.

Thank you in advance for any support!

  • Hi @mjoseph

    did you get the answer or solved it?

    As I am facing the same issue

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The part of the path that you are responsible for is: [domain]

This is an example (broken 'h_ttps' to avoid moderation; simply remove the space) when done right:

h ttps://

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/.well-known/ is just a folder, and it's part of a standard ( Various services that need domain verification may request that a file exists in the /.well-known/ folder of your website. They chose to use the dot because that makes it a hidden folder on unix based operating systems, and they chose the name "well-known" to imply that this is not a provide folder but a "well known location".

Apple simply attempts to download a file from If the file exists and the contents of the file are the same as Apple expects, you've successfully verified your domains name. If Apple visits that URL and there's no file there or the file does not have the expected contents, your domain verification fails.