Challenge: WidgetKit workshop

Take a glance at this WidgetKit challenge, won't you? With glanceable experiences coming to the Lock Screen in iOS 16, it’s the perfect time to try building your very own Lock Screen widget.

Begin the challenge

If you’re exploring glanceable technologies for the first time, welcome! Before we get started with the challenge, check out “Complications and widgets: Reloaded” for an overview of the latest updates to WidgetKit.

  • WWDC22

Complications and widgets: Reloaded

Our widgets code-along returns as we adventure onto the watchOS and iOS Lock Screen. Learn about the latest improvements to WidgetKit that help power complex complications on watchOS and can help you create Lock Screen widgets for iPhone. We’ll show you how to incorporate the latest SwiftUI views...

Once you’re ready to begin, it’s time to examine your app: What parts of it might work as a widget? After you’ve identified an aspect, explore configuration options and the best timeline for your model.

If you already have a Home Screen widget, you can also explore reusing your SwiftUI code. Not every Home Screen widget is a great candidate for a Lock Screen widget, so consider different approaches to find the right one for your app.

For extra credit: What happens when you deploy your code to the Apple Watch? Have you found yourself most of the way to an awesome watchOS complication? Would you make any modifications to make your experience feel at home on Watch?

How will you transform your Lock Screen? Show us what you’ve made on Twitter with the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges, or share your work in the WidgetKit Study Hall. And if you'd like to chat more about WidgetKit, join the team at events all throughout the week at WWDC22.

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