Make your app a living room star

Get some popcorn and get ready to learn about the latest improvements to Apple TV. Whether you’re building a game, streaming media app, or home utility, tvOS has something to help you make your big-screen app more immersive and personal. Explore multiuser improvements, play with picture-in-picture, discover advances in UISearchController, and — saving the best for last — transform your Apple TV app with SwiftUI.

To get the most out of these videos, you’ll want a basic understanding of SwiftUI and building an Apple TV app. For a good base, we recommend checking out “Mastering the living room with tvOS” and “SwiftUI on all devices” from WWDC19 as well as “Introduction to SwiftUI.”

  • WWDC20

Support multiple users in your tvOS app

Share your living room — not your Apple TV apps. When you support profiles within your app, you can customize your experience for each person who uses Apple TV within the same house. Discover how the “Runs as Current User” feature lets someone interact with your app, download local content,...

  • WWDC20

Build SwiftUI apps for tvOS

Add a new dimension to your tvOS app with SwiftUI. We’ll show you how to build layouts powered by SwiftUI and customize your interface with custom buttons, provide more functionality in your app with a context menu, check if views are focused, and manage default focus. To get the most out of...

  • WWDC20

Master Picture in Picture on tvOS

Picture in Picture is coming to Apple TV: With simultaneous video playback and the ability to swap between full screen content and Picture in Picture, you’ve never had more multitasking flexibility within your tvOS app. Discover how you can add AVPictureInPictureController to your project,...

  • WWDC20

Discover search suggestions for Apple TV

Searching your tvOS app just got even better. Get ready to explore the new simplified search interface and learn how to integrate it into your app with UISearchController. Support your global audience with the addition of new international keyboards and languages. Discover how to add search...


  • WWDC20

Introduction to SwiftUI

Explore the world of declarative-style programming: Discover how to build a fully-functioning SwiftUI app from scratch as we explain the benefits of writing declarative code and how SwiftUI and Xcode can combine forces to help you build great apps, faster.

  • WWDC19

Mastering the Living Room With tvOS

tvOS apps can deliver amazing experiences with stunning picture quality through 4K resolution, Dolby Vision and HDR10, and immersive sound through Dolby Atmos. Discover how to design beautiful, engaging, content-first experiences for your media applications. Learn about the new Top Shelf extension...

  • WWDC19

SwiftUI On All Devices

Once you’ve learned the basics of SwiftUI, you’ve learned what you need to know to use SwiftUI anywhere. You can use the same SwiftUI skills for making an iOS app as you would for making an app on watchOS, tvOS or macOS. We'll cover the basics, and then dig into more detail about how SwiftUI...