Secure your apps and games

Security is at the core of every Apple platform. Discover how you can help guard your apps and games against potential threats, add support for passkeys, streamline authentication and authorization flows, and more. You’ll also get to know Developer Mode, which lets you develop, test, and deploy your products.


Get to know Developer Mode

Meet Developer Mode — required on iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and watchOS 9 to install, run, and debug your apps during development. We'll show you how you to opt in to Developer Mode on your devices, and how to enable Developer Mode in your automation workflows.

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Improve DNS security for apps and servers

Discover the latest ways to ensure that DNS — the foundation of internet addressing — is secure within your app. Learn how to authenticate DNS responses in your app with DNSSEC and enable DNS encryption automatically with Discovery of Designated Resolvers (DDR).

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Meet passkeys

It’s time for a security upgrade: Learn how to add support for passkeys to create a quick and easy sign in experience for people, all while offering a radical increase to account security. Passkeys are simple and strong credentials built to eliminate phishing attacks. We’ll share how passkeys...

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Replace CAPTCHAs with Private Access Tokens

Don’t be captured by CAPTCHAs! Private Access Tokens are a powerful alternative that help you identify HTTP requests from legitimate devices and people without compromising their identity or personal information. We’ll show you how your app and server can take advantage of this tool to add...

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Streamline local authorization flows

Discover how you can use the latest authorization-focused APIs in LocalAuthentication to protect the privacy and security of people’s data. We’ll show you how LocalAuthentication can authorize access to secrets, keys, and other sensitive resources in your app, all while reducing complexity and...

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What’s new in notarization for Mac apps

Notarization works in tandem with macOS to help people safely download software for their Mac outside of the App Store. Learn about the required transition from altool to notarytool and how the Xcode GUI can help you achieve better overall performance when notarizing your app. We'll also share...

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Mitigate fraud with App Attest and DeviceCheck

Discover how to use App Attest and DeviceCheck, Apple’s powerful anti-fraud tools, created to safeguard your apps and content. Unlock the secrets of deploying App Attest by incorporating it into your app to block unauthorized modifications of your app and content. We'll also show you how to use...

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Safeguard your accounts, promotions, and content

Discover how to keep your accounts, apps, and content protected. We’ll explore the tools Apple has built to help developers keep their apps and systems safe and secure, and show you how to safeguard against attackers, bad actors and nefarious activity to help protect your ecosystem.

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Secure your app: threat modeling and anti-patterns

It's more important than ever to consider vulnerabilities and potential threats and recognize where you should apply safeguards in your app. Understand how to identify potential risks through threat modeling and how to avoid common anti-patterns. Learn coding techniques and how to take advantage of...

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Feature stories

Spotlight on: Passkeys

Find out how Instacart, Robinhood, and Kayak are helping unlock a password-free future.

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Q&A with the passkeys team

Get answers from the passkeys team about adoption, account recovery, multiple devices, and more.

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