Code-Along: Build a great Mac app in SwiftUI

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Code along with us as we use SwiftUI to build a Mac app from start to finish. Get started by downloading the associated sample project, [1609] "Building a Great Mac App with SwiftUI." Discover four principles all great Mac apps have in common, and learn how to apply those principles in practice using SwiftUI. We’ll show you how to create a powerful, flexible sidebar experience and transform lists to tables within a detail view, discuss best best practices for data organization, and adapt to a person’s preferences and specific workflows. To finish, we’ll show you how you can move data to and from an app, incorporating features like Continuity Camera to provide a simple workflow for importing images.

  • WWDC21

SwiftUI on the Mac: Build the fundamentals

  • WWDC21

SwiftUI on the Mac: The finishing touches

Building a Great Mac App with SwiftUI