What's new in UIKit and iOS

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Discover the latest improvements to UIKit and learn how you can build better interfaces, interactions, and iPhone and iPad apps.

Create better collection views

Find out how to configure collection views and table view cells to quickly build dynamic and responsive interfaces in your app, including lists and sidebars.

  • WWDC20

Advances in UICollectionView

Learn about new features of UICollectionView that make it easier to use and unlock powerful new functionality. We'll show you how to use section snapshots with your diffable data source to create outlines that can expand and collapse, and introduce you to building lists with compositional layout to...

  • WWDC20

Advances in diffable data sources

Diffable data sources dramatically simplify the work involved in managing and updating collection and table views to create dynamic and responsive experiences in your apps. Discover how you can use section snapshots to efficiently build lists and outline collection views for iOS and iPadOS and...

  • WWDC20

Lists in UICollectionView

Learn how to build lists and sidebars in your app with UICollectionView. Replace table view appearance while taking advantage of the full flexibility of compositional layout. Explore modular layout options and find out how they can unlock more design options for your apps than ever before. Find out...

  • WWDC20

Modern cell configuration

Discover new techniques for configuring collection view and table view cells to quickly build dynamic interfaces in your app. Explore configuration types you can use to easily populate cells with content and apply common styles. Take advantage of powerful APIs to customize the appearance of cells...

Design better Apple Pencil experiences

PencilKit helps power creativity, writing, drawing, and animation in your iPad apps. Explore the latest improvements to our drawing and annotation framework and support new features in illustration and writing apps. And learn more about Scribble, which offers a lightweight, ergonomic, and enjoyable way of entering text on iPad with Apple Pencil.

  • WWDC20

What's new in PencilKit

PencilKit helps power creativity, writing, drawing, and animation in your iPad apps. Explore the latest improvements to our drawing and annotation framework, and discover how you can take advantage of APIs like PKToolPicker, PKCanvasView, and PKStroke to support new features in illustration and...

  • WWDC20

Inspect, modify, and construct PencilKit drawings

Make Apple Pencil an even more useful tool for drawing and writing within your app. With PencilKit, you can delve into the strokes, inks, paths, and points that comprise a drawing, use these to build features that use recognition, and modify drawings in response to input. Discover how you can...

  • WWDC20

Meet Scribble for iPad

Scribble offers a lightweight, ergonomic, and enjoyable way of entering text on iPad with Apple Pencil. Discover how people can take advantage of Scribble and handwritten text in apps that use standard text input controls or that implement a custom text editing experience. You’ll learn how it...

Build better iPhone and iPad apps

Explore the building blocks for designing and building great iPhone and iPad apps. Pair collection views with iOS’s new pickers, menus, and actions to get even better experiences across screen sizes. And we’ll show you how to add even more versatility to your iPad app by adding support for the pointer, advanced gestures, and keyboard shortcuts.

  • WWDC20

Designed for iPad

Discover the building blocks for designing a great iPad app: Learn how to minimize use of modal interfaces and leverage the new sidebar to increase efficiency by streamlining navigation and facilitating powerful drag and drop interactions. See how to take advantage of iPad’s versatile interaction...

  • WWDC20

Build with iOS pickers, menus and actions

Build iPhone and iPad apps with fluid interfaces and easily-accessible contextual information. We’ll show you how to integrate the latest UIKit controls into your app to best take advantage of menus, date pickers, page controls, and segmented controllers. Learn how to adopt Menus throughly your...

  • WWDC20

Build for iPad

Learn how to improve iPad apps to leverage the increased screen size and additional features of iPadOS, and help people accomplish more with their devices. Discover how you can build detailed multi-column layouts and integrate lists into your app with little adjustment to your existing code....

  • WWDC20

Support hardware keyboards in your app

When people use hardware keyboards with your app, they’re not only getting a more tactile and familiar typing experience — they can quickly navigate or use keyboard shortcuts, too. Discover how you can best support hardware keyboards for your iPadOS and Mac Catalyst apps: We’ll demystify the...

  • WWDC20

Handle trackpad and mouse input

Provide a more versatile experience when you optimize your iPad or Mac Catalyst app for indirect input from trackpads and mice. Discover how to make your app responsive to new events from these devices. Learn how to work with pointer movement, enable pointer locking, handle scroll input and...