Challenge: Animated artistry in SwiftUI

Put trigonometry to good use and show us your artistic side by creating a stunning graphical animation in SwiftUI.

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The SwiftUI canvas is a powerful new way to represent and animate graphics, while drawingGroup remains a great way to flatten and render views offscreen to create beautiful graphics. Explore both canvas and drawingGroup and create an awesome graphical animation that you can animate with animations or the new TimelineView. Add your creation to a view in your existing app project, or start an entirely new project in Xcode.

  • WWDC21

Add rich graphics to your SwiftUI app

Learn how you can bring your graphics to life with SwiftUI. We’ll begin by working with safe areas, including the keyboard safe area, and learn how to design beautiful, edge-to-edge graphics that won’t underlap the on-screen keyboard. We’ll also explore the materials and vibrancy you can use...

Don’t forget to consider the accessibility and design implications of your concept. Have you made sure your animation is fully accessible to everyone? Do your awesome graphics follow the Human Interface Guidelines with regard to safe areas and contrast ratios? We’re excited to see what you can make in just a day using platform best practices!

Want to share your work-in-progress or collaborate with other developers? You can show off your finished animation in the Developer Forums.

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