Raise your wrist for watchOS 8

App icon displaying a clock face,  inside of a speech bubble.

Discover how watchOS 8 can help you make even better apps for Apple Watch. Explore access to the Always-On Display, background update capabilities for HealthKit data, connections to Bluetooth devices, and more.

And if you’re new to watchOS or thinking of building a new app, check out our Code-Along: Follow along with us and learn how to build a great workout app in just under an hour.

  • WWDC21

What's new in watchOS 8

watchOS 8 brings all-new opportunities to keep people up to date on their watch face. With new APIs for the Always-On Retina display and updating complications from Bluetooth devices and background delivery of HealthKit data, it's never been easier to keep your app up to date. Learn about...

  • WWDC21

What's new in SwiftUI

There’s never been a better time to develop your apps with SwiftUI. Discover the latest updates to the UI framework — including lists, buttons, and text fields — and learn how these features can help you more fully adopt SwiftUI in your app. Find out how to create beautiful, visually-rich...

  • WWDC21

There and back again: Data transfer on Apple Watch

Advances in Apple Watch give you more ways to communicate to and from your app, and new audiences to consider. Learn what strategies are available for data communication and how to choose the right tool for the job. Compare and contrast the benefits of using technologies such as iCloud Keychain,...

  • WWDC21

Build a workout app for Apple Watch

Build a workout app from scratch using SwiftUI and HealthKit during this code along. Learn how to support the Always On state using timelines to update workout metrics. Follow best design practices for workout apps.

  • WWDC21

Create accessible experiences for watchOS

Discover how you can build a top-notch accessibility experience for watchOS when you support features like larger text sizes, VoiceOver, and AssistiveTouch. We’ll take you through adding visual and motor accessibility support to a SwiftUI app built for watchOS, including best practices around API...

  • WWDC21

Connect Bluetooth devices to Apple Watch

Discover how you can integrate data from Bluetooth accessories into Apple Watch apps and complications. Bluetooth devices can provide medical data, sports stats, and more to Apple Watch, and help people get more out of your software in the process. We’ll show you how to connect to these devices...

  • WWDC21

Explore Digital Crown, Trackpad, and iPad pointer automation

Learn how you can interact with devices in UI Tests in Xcode 13. Discover newly-automatable input methods including iPadOS pointer, watchOS Digital Crown, and enhanced macOS trackpad scrolling APIs.

  • WWDC21

Meet the Location Button

Meet CLLocationButton: a secure interface element that provides an easy, low-friction way to grant your app location access only when and where it is needed. Learn how you can add CLLocationButton to new or existing code, how to customize it within interface legibility guidelines, how to recognize...