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Best of WWDC20

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It’s been a great week. Check out the highlights below.

WWDC recaps


It’s been a jam-packed first day at WWDC, full of exciting news from the Keynote and Platforms State of the Union. We’ll zoom through the highlights — and give you a sneak peek of what's coming tomorrow.


Tuesday’s come and gone, but we’ve got you covered: Check out the best of the sessions released today and check out what’s coming next.


What a Wednesday! Let us catch you up on the day’s sessions and find out what you can expect from the day ahead.


Just one more day to go for WWDC20. We’ve got the best of the day for you right here — and a quick look at what’s coming on our final day of WWDC.


What a week! We’ve covered so many topics — Apple silicon Macs, App Clips, WidgetKit, ARKit 4, Mac Catalyst, Xcode 12, Core ML 4.0, Metal, Accessibility and the list goes on and on. But now it's time to say farewell.

Keynote and Platforms State of the Union


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off with exciting reveals, inspiration, and new opportunities to continue creating the most innovative apps in the world. Join the worldwide developer community for an in-depth look at the future of Apple platforms, directly from Apple Park.

Platforms State of the Union

Join the worldwide developer community for an in-depth look at the future of Apple platforms, directly from Apple Park.

Must-watch sessions

Meet WidgetKit

Meet WidgetKit: the best way to bring your app’s most useful information directly to the home screen. We'll show you what makes a great widget and take a look at WidgetKit's features and functionality. Learn how to get started creating a widget, and find out how WidgetKit leverages the power of...

Design great widgets

Widgets elevate timely information from your app to primary locations on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Discover the keys to designing glanceable widgets, developing a strong widget idea, and clearly communicating with content, color, sizing, layout, and typography. If you'd like to learn more about the...

Explore App Clips

Help people experience the right parts of your app at the exact moment they need them. We’ll explain how to design and build an App Clip — a small part of your app that focuses on a specific task — and make it easily discoverable. Learn how to focus your App Clip on short and fast...

Introduction to SwiftUI

Explore the world of declarative-style programming: Discover how to build a fully-functioning SwiftUI app from scratch as we explain the benefits of writing declarative code and how SwiftUI and Xcode can combine forces to help you build great apps, faster.

Build complications in SwiftUI

Spice up your graphic complications on Apple Watch using SwiftUI. We’ll teach you how to use custom SwiftUI views in complications on watch faces like Meridian and Infograph, look at some best practices when creating your complications, and show you how to preview your work in Xcode 12. To get...

Explore ARKit 4

ARKit 4 enables you to build the next generation of augmented reality apps to transform how people connect with the world around them. We’ll walk you through the latest improvements to Apple’s augmented reality platform, including how to use Location Anchors to connect virtual objects with a...

Explore the Action & Vision app

It's now easy to create an app for fitness or sports coaching that takes advantage of machine learning — and to prove it, we built our own. Learn how we designed the Action & Vision app using Object Detection and Action Classification in Create ML along with the new Body Pose Estimation,...

Design for intelligence: Apps, evolved

Intelligence is a core part of building a great modern app. App extensions, Siri suggestions, voice, widgets, App Clips — we’ve designed all of these features to help make everyday tasks easier for people who use our platforms. Learn about the origins of the intelligent system experience, and...

Adopt the new look of macOS

Make over your Mac apps: Discover how you can embrace the new design of macOS Big Sur and adopt its visual hierarchy, design patterns, and behaviors. We’ll explore the latest updates to AppKit around structural items and common controls, and show you how you can adapt more customized interfaces...

Design for the iPadOS pointer

Bring the power of the pointer to your iPad app: We’ll show you how Apple's design team approached designing the iPadOS pointer to complement touch input, and how you can customize and refine pointer interactions in your app to make workflows more efficient and gratifying. Discover how the...

Explore the new system architecture of Apple silicon Macs

Discover how Macs with Apple silicon will deliver modern advantages using Apple's System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture. Leveraging a unified memory architecture for CPU and GPU tasks, Mac apps will see amazing performance benefits from Apple silicon tuned frameworks such as Metal and Accelerate. ...

Harness Apple GPUs with Metal

Create visually stunning, high-performance apps and games when you combine the power of Apple GPUs with Metal, the modern foundation for GPU-accelerated graphics on Apple platforms. Discover the architecture and capabilities of the Apple GPU and how Metal harnesses its tile-based deferred rendering...

Advancements in Game Controllers

Let’s rumble! Discover how you can bring third-party game controllers and custom haptics into your games on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. We’ll show you how to add support for the latest controllers — including Xbox’s Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Adaptive Controller — and map...

Build trust through better privacy

Privacy is a more important issue than ever. Learn about Apple’s privacy pillars, our approach to privacy, and how to adopt the latest features on our platforms that can help you earn customer trust, create more personal experiences, and improve engagement. Explore the transparency iOS provides...

What's new in location

Location technologies are core to delivering context-based services within your app. Discover how the latest privacy controls in Core Location add a whole new dimension to determining position and what that means for your app. We’ll walk you through best practices for implementing these latest...

What's new in Swift

Join us for an update on Swift. Discover the latest advancements in runtime performance, along with improvements to the developer experience that make your code faster to read, edit, and debug. Find out how to take advantage of new language features like multiple trailing closures. Learn about new...

Advancements in the Objective-C runtime

Dive into the microscopic world of low-level bits and bytes that underlie every Objective-C and Swift class. Find out how recent changes to internal data structures, method lists, and tagged pointers provide better performance and lower memory usage. We’ll demonstrate how to recognize and fix...

Why is my app getting killed?

Put on your detective’s hat: It’s time to track down those unruly app terminations. We’ll outline the six major reasons apps terminate in the background, and show you how you can use MetricKit to to help you identify key statistics to drive down the rate of terminations. Learn how to prevent...

Stories of WWDC

The music of WWDC

A conversation with Lisa Jackson and former Attorney General Eric Holder

Eric Holder was the 82nd Attorney General of the United States, having served from 2009 to 2015. The first Black American to hold the position, Holder’s six-year tenure also makes him one of the longest-serving occupants of the office. Currently a partner in Covington & Burling, he’s served in...

Changing the world, one Swift playground at a time

A conversation with the cast and creators of Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

Ever wondered which is more fun — filming in a hot tub or filming in a VR suit? The cast and creators of the Apple TV+ hit show Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet answer questions from the Apple developer community. Join Rob McElhenney (executive producer/co-creator and Ian Grimm), Charlotte Nicdao...

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