WWDC22 Daily Digest: Thursday

It's Day 4 of WWDC and a fresh round of Digital Lounges, labs, and activities awaits you. Before we kick off Thursday, catch up on yesterday's dispatch:

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WWDC22 Day 3 recap

Your Day 3 status report is here. Catch up on the latest from WWDC22 and discover what's coming to a Thursday near you.

Spotlight on sessions, Digital Lounges, and labs

We’ve got a packed Thursday for you! Discover the latest updates to Vision, learn how to write for interfaces and collaborate with Messages, find out how to use SwiftUI with UIKit, create complications with WidgetKit, and — a WWDC first! — watch "Design for Arabic" delivered in Arabic by presenter Mohamed Samir.

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What's new in Vision

Learn about the latest updates to Vision APIs that help your apps recognize text, detect faces and face landmarks, and implement optical flow. We’ll take you through the capabilities of optical flow for video-based apps, show you how to update your apps with revisions to the machine learning...

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Design for Collaboration with Messages

Discover how you can design great collaboration experiences using Apple platforms. We’ll show you how to combine the Share Sheet, live editing notifications, Messages, FaceTime, and your app’s existing collaboration features to help people connect and collaborate effortlessly. (Note: API will...

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Writing for interfaces

The words and phrases you choose for your app matter. Whether you’re writing an alert, building an onboarding experience, or describing an image for accessibility, learn how you can design through the lens of language and help people get the most from your app. We'll show you how to create clear,...

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Use SwiftUI with UIKit

Learn how to take advantage of the power of SwiftUI in your UIKit app. Build custom UICollectionView and UITableView cells seamlessly with SwiftUI using UIHostingConfiguration. We’ll also show you how to manage data flow between UIKit and SwiftUI components within your app. To get the most out...

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Design for Arabic · صمّم بالعربي

تعرّف على المبادئ الأساسية لتصميم الواجهات الرقمية باللغة العربية. سواء كنت تود تصميم تطبيق أو لعبة خصيصًا للاستخدام العربي، أو تود ترجمة تطبيق من لغة أخرى إلى...

And once you're finished watching sessions for the day, join the Digital Lounges for more great Q&A from our design, photos, and Swift teams as well as live watch parties with the presenter of "Explore design navigation on iOS."

Thursday is also your final day to request a lab appointment for a conversation with Apple engineers and designers. Come say hi and ask your questions!

Trivia Night is back

WWDC Trivia Night returns tonight at 6 p.m. PT in the Developer Tools Lounge. Put your brain to the test on such pressing questions as: What was the first supported programming language for Mac development? What’s the deal with 9:41? Come test your wits, compete with your friends and Apple staff, and suggest questions to stump the experts in the room.

Where we're going, we don't need roads

We're going back in time with our Thursday Throwback SwiftUI challenge! Create a SwiftUI view that reimagines your app clothed in the interfaces of the past. Dress your UI up in the grayscale style of System 6, the linen of early iPhoneOS, or another time period entirely! Visit the SwiftUI Study Hall to collaborate on the “Throwback Thursday” coding challenge. Ask questions, connect with other developers, and share your creations or on Twitter using the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges.

Headphones on

An immersive app doesn’t only look and feel great — it has to sound incredible, too. During WWDC, we spoke with four Apple Design Award finalists about the sensational sounds of their apps and games: the incredible and immersive soundscape app Odio; the elegant and jazz-fueled Please, Touch the Artwork; the longstanding mindfulness resource Headspace; and the gorgeous tap-along rhythm game A Musical Story.

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Sound advice

Inside the sublime audio of four Apple Design Award finalists.

Spin the music of WWDC

And speaking of music: Give our official WWDC playlists a listen — they’re perfect if you need chill background music or a little audio kick to get you going.

Listen to WWDC22 playlists on Apple Music

Have fun out there, and we’ll see you tomorrow to close out WWDC22!