Challenge: Throwback Thursday with SwiftUI

Ready to add some chic retro styling to your SwiftUI views? In this challenge, we're inviting you to create a SwiftUI view that reimagines your app or concept clothed in the interfaces of the past. Dress your UI up in the gorgeous grayscale of System 6, the linen of early iPhoneOS, or another time period entirely!

We also welcome you to visit the SwiftUI Study Hall to collaborate on this challenge. Ask questions, connect with other developers, and share your creations.

Begin the challenge

To get started, pick a year, era, or color scheme. Then, snap a screen from your app and take it back to those glory days. If you need a boost (or a challenge), use a random number generator to choose a year between 1984 and 2013 — or open up a Swift Playground:

print("Reimagine your app's interface like it's from the year \(myCoolRetroYear)!")
let myCoolRetroYear = Int.random(in: 1984..<2013)

Wherever you land, think about the Apple Design Languages prominent during that era. If you’re newer to SwiftUI, experiment with Xcode Previews to see how much code the tools will write for you. If you have more experience, take this chance to play around. (And we love a reboot: If you joined us for the original 2021 SwiftUI Throwback Challenge, feel free to resurrect your 2021 project.)

Next steps

Share your time-machine masterpiece on Twitter with the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges, or share your work in the SwiftUI Study Hall. And if you’d like to discuss other SwiftUI topics, join the team at events throughout the remainder of the week at WWDC22.

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