Documentation Spotlight: Build AR experiences with USDZ schemas

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Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) standard makes it easy to add features and incorporate 3D assets inside your app’s augmented reality experience. Whether you’re anchoring a virtual object at a specific location, creating content that reacts to real-world situations, incorporating physics simulation, connecting audio effects, or annotating your environment with 3D text, you can use USDZ schemas to build compelling experiences for people who use your app.

Explore the various USDZ schemas, how they extend the capabilities of AR content created in third-party apps/DCCs, and how Reality Composer already incorporates them in its USDZ exports.

USDZ schemas for AR

You can also customize your schemas further using Reality Converter to view, edit, and convert your .obj, .gltf, and .usd files into USDZ files.

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