Best of WWDC21

While WWDC has come to a close, you can still explore the pavilions and check out some of the best sessions and challenges from the week. And to get you started, here are some of our favorites.

WWDC21 Daily Recaps

  • WWDC21


Trying to make sense of all the exciting announcements, new technologies, and Fall previews at WWDC this year? Let's break it down for you. Check out a recap of everything that happened on Day 1 of WWDC — and get a sneak peek at all the great stuff coming tomorrow.

  • WWDC21


The day's almost over, but there's still so much to explore: Catch up on the best of Day 2 at WWDC and check out a few of the great sessions and activities still to come.

  • WWDC21


Well hello, Wednesday! Time to catch up on Day 3 at WWDC and find out what's coming to a Thursday near you.

  • WWDC21


Where did the WWDC week go? We'll tell you: Check out everything you missed on Thursday and tune in for a quick preview of our final day at Dub Dub.

  • WWDC21


It's time to say adieu to the week, and what a week it was! Tune in as we recap Friday and close out WWDC21.

Best of Accessibility & Inclusion

  • WWDC21

The practice of inclusive design

An inclusive app or game is not only usable by different people, but also welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Discover how you can design inclusive content for your interface, language, imagery, and marketing materials and support the broadest possible range of people with...

  • WWDC21

SwiftUI Accessibility: Beyond the basics

Go beyond the basics to deliver an exceptional accessibility experience. Learn how to use the new SwiftUI Previews in Xcode to explore the latest accessibility APIs and create fantastic, accessible apps for everyone. Find out how you can customize the automatic accessibility built into SwiftUI to...

  • WWDC21

Create accessible experiences for watchOS

Discover how you can build a top-notch accessibility experience for watchOS when you support features like larger text sizes, VoiceOver, and AssistiveTouch. We’ll take you through adding visual and motor accessibility support to a SwiftUI app built for watchOS, including best practices around API...

Best of App Services

  • WWDC21

Meet CloudKit Console

Discover how CloudKit Console can help you better interact with your containers. We’ll show you how to put the database app to work and define, modify, and deploy schema changes with confidence. You’ll learn how to craft queries in the query builder and filter your records with ease. And...

  • WWDC21

Meet Shortcuts for macOS

Shortcuts is coming to macOS, and your apps are a key part of that process. Discover how you can elevate the capabilities of your app by exposing those features as Shortcuts actions. We’ll show you how to build actions for your macOS apps built with Catalyst or AppKit, deploy actions across...

Best of Audio & Video

  • WWDC21

Meet Group Activities

Learn more about the framework powering SharePlay, and discover the different types of shared experiences you can implement for people who use your app. Explore a high-level overview of the framework’s architecture and concepts, including how Group Activities and AVFoundation work in tandem, and...

  • WWDC21

Create custom audio experiences with ShazamKit

Bring custom audio matching to your app with ShazamKit. Discover how you can use Shazam's exact audio matching to recognize audio against any source when you use custom catalogs on device. Download our starter project and code along with the presenter as we guide you through the process of...

  • WWDC21

Deliver a great playback experience on tvOS

Find out how you can use Apple TV’s redesigned playback interface to build great media experiences in your apps. Learn how the latest interface helps people access relevant controls and information while maintaining focus on content. We’ll show you how you can adopt AVPlayerViewController and...

Best of Augmented Reality

  • WWDC21

Explore ARKit 5

Build the next generation of augmented reality apps with ARKit 5. Explore how you can use Location Anchors in additional regions and more easily onboard people into your location-based AR experience. Learn more about Face Tracking and Motion Capture. And discover best practices for placing your AR...

  • WWDC21

Dive into RealityKit 2

Creating engaging AR experiences has never been easier with RealityKit 2. Explore the latest enhancements to the RealityKit framework and take a deep dive into this underwater sample project. We’ll take you through the improved Entity Component System, streamlined animation pipeline, and the...

  • WWDC21

AR Quick Look, meet Object Capture

Discover simple ways to bring your Object Capture assets to AR Quick Look while optimizing for visual quality and file size. Explore ways you can integrate AR Quick Look and Object Capture to help create entirely new experiences. To get the most out of this session, we recommend first watching...

Best of Business & Distribution

  • WWDC21

Meet StoreKit 2

StoreKit 2 delivers powerful, Swift-native APIs for in-app purchases and auto-renewable subscriptions. Learn how you can easily implement in-app purchases and subscriptions, and discover APIs for retrieving product information, handling transactions, determining product entitlements and customer...

  • WWDC21

Meet privacy-preserving ad attribution

Discover how you can measure your ad campaigns in apps and on the web without compromising privacy. We'll introduce you to Private Click Measurement and explore SKAdNetwork, which provides you with a more secure, private, and useful way to measure your app installs.

  • WWDC21

Meet TestFlight on Mac

TestFlight has come to Mac. Learn how you can manage builds and testers, collect feedback, and deploy your macOS app. Discover enhancements for internal testing and new features that integrate with Xcode Cloud to make testing even easier on all platforms.

Best of Design

Explore SF Symbols 3

  • WWDC21

Discoverable design

Discover how you can create interactive, memorable experiences to onboard people into your app. We’ll take you through discoverable design practices and learn how you can craft explorable, fun interfaces that help people grasp the possibilities of your app at a glance. We’ll also show you how...

  • WWDC21

Design for spatial interaction

Discover the principles for creating intuitive physical interactions between two or more devices, as demonstrated by Apple designers who worked on features for iPhone, HomePod mini, and AirTag. Explore how you can apply these patterns to your own app when designing features for Apple platforms, and...

Best of Developer Tools

  • WWDC21

Meet Xcode Cloud

Get to know Xcode Cloud, Apple's continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) service for building apps and frameworks for all Apple platforms. Find out how Xcode Cloud can improve both the productivity of your team and the quality of your products. We’ll show you how to start your...

  • WWDC21

Meet DocC documentation in Xcode

Discover how you can use DocC to build and share documentation for Swift packages and frameworks. We’ll show you how to begin generating documentation from your own code — or from third-party code you depend upon — and write and format it using Markdown. And we’ll also take you through the...

  • WWDC21

Explore Xcode Cloud workflows

Learn how Xcode Cloud workflows can help you and your team automate building, analyzing, testing, archiving, and distributing your apps and frameworks. They are flexible, extensible, and can be configured around your team’s development and distribution process. Find out the basics of Xcode Cloud...

Best of Education & Enterprise

  • WWDC21

Meet ClassKit for file-based apps

The ClassKit framework can help surface educational activities within your app to teachers using the Schoolwork app. Discover how you can provide teachers with greater insights into student learning by adopting the latest file-based API to report student progress data within your app. We’ll also...

  • WWDC21

Meet the Screen Time API

Explore the Screen Time API and learn how you can build apps that support customized parental controls — all while putting privacy first. Learn how you can use key features like core restrictions and device activity monitoring to create safe, secure experiences in your app while providing...

  • WWDC21

Extract document data using Vision

Discover how Vision can provide expert image recognition and analysis in your app to extract information from documents, recognize text in multiple languages, and identify barcodes. We’ll explore the latest updates to Text Recognition and Barcode Detection, show you how to bring all these tools...

Best of Essentials

  • WWDC21

What's new in App Clips

Discover how App Clips can elevate quick and focused experiences for specific tasks, the moment your customer needs them. We’ll take you through some of the latest improvements to App Clips, including launching an experience directly from an app, testing your App Clip locally, and creating App...

  • WWDC21

Principles of great widgets

Explore the foundations of great widgets by keeping them relevant and customizable. Learn how to keep widgets up to date with timeline entries and TimelineReloadPolicies. Discover how to adapt your widget to different presentation environments and physical location. And lastly, find out how to...

  • WWDC21

What’s new in SF Symbols

Explore the latest updates to SF Symbols, Apple’s iconography library. Designed to integrate seamlessly with San Francisco — the system font for Apple platforms — SF Symbols can help you create beautiful and consistent iconography for your app while supporting accessibility features like...

Best of Graphics & Games

  • WWDC21

What’s new in Game Center: Widgets, friends, and multiplayer improvements

Power up your online gaming experience with GameKit and adopt features like multiplayer, leaderboards, and achievements in your game. We’ll take you through the latest improvements to Game Center, including player matching and multiplayer APIs, and explore how you can boost discovery of your game.

  • WWDC21

Practice audio haptic design

Discover how you can deliver rich app experiences that include animation, sound, and haptics on iPhone. Learn key concepts for designing multimodal experiences within the Core Haptics framework. We’ll take you through our sample HapticRicochet app — where haptic and sound feedback is designed...

  • WWDC21

Discover geometry-aware audio with the Physical Audio Spatialization Engine (PHASE)

Explore how geometry-aware audio can help you build complex, interactive, and immersive audio scenes for your apps and games. Meet PHASE, Apple’s spatial audio API, and learn how the Physical Audio Spatialization Engine (PHASE) keeps the sound aligned with your experience at all times — helping...

Best of Health & Fitness

What's new in health and fitness

  • WWDC21

Explore Verifiable Health Records

Find out how you can securely request access to someone’s verifiable health records and incorporate that data safely into your app. The Health app helps people download, view, and share their health records, including their COVID-19 immunization and test results — and iOS 15 brings support for...

Code-Along: Build a Research and Care app

Best of ML & Vision

  • WWDC21

Classify hand poses and actions with Create ML

With Create ML, your app’s ability to understand the expressiveness of the human hand has never been easier. Discover how you can build off the support for Hand Pose Detection in Vision and train custom Hand Pose and Hand Action classifiers using the Create ML app and framework. Learn how simple...

  • WWDC21

Detect people, faces, and poses using Vision

Discover the latest updates to the Vision framework to help your apps detect people, faces, and poses. Meet the Person Segmentation API, which helps your app separate people in images from their surroundings, and explore the latest contiguous metrics for tracking pitch, yaw, and the roll of the...

  • WWDC21

Discover built-in sound classification in SoundAnalysis

Explore how you can use the Sound Analysis framework in your app to detect and classify discrete sounds from any audio source — including live sounds from a microphone or from a video or audio file — and identify precisely in a moment where that sound occurs. Learn how the built-in sound...

Best of Photos & Camera

  • WWDC21

What’s new in camera capture

Learn how you can interact with Video Effects in Control Center including Center Stage, Portrait mode, and Mic modes. We’ll show you how to detect when these features have been enabled for your app and explore ways to adopt custom interfaces to make them controllable from within your app....

  • WWDC21

Improve access to Photos in your app

PHPicker is the simplest and most secure way to integrate the Photos library into your app — and it’s getting even better. Learn how to handle ordered selection of images in your app, as well as pre-selecting assets any time the picker is shown. And for apps that need to integrate more deeply...

  • WWDC21

Use the camera for keyboard input in your app

Learn how you can support Live Text and intelligently pull information from the camera to fill out forms and text fields in your app. We’ll show you how to apply content filtering to capture the correct information when someone uses the camera as keyboard input and apply it to a relevant...

Best of Privacy & Security

  • WWDC21

Apple’s privacy pillars in focus

At Apple, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. Learn about our four pillars of privacy, how we brought these principles together to design iCloud Private Relay, and how you can approach building privacy in your app in line with those fundamentals. Explore how you can build data...

  • WWDC21

Move beyond passwords

Despite their prevalence, passwords inherently come with challenges that make them poorly suited to securing someone’s online accounts. Learn more about the challenges passwords pose to modern security and how to move beyond them. Explore the next frontier in account security with...

  • WWDC21

Get ready for iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay is an iCloud+ service that prevents networks and servers from monitoring a person's activity across the internet. Discover how your app can participate in this transition to a more secure and private internet: We'll show you how to prepare your apps, servers, and networks to...

Best of Safari & Web

  • WWDC21

Meet Safari Web Extensions on iOS

Safari Web Extensions use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to offer people powerful browser customizations — and you can now create them for every device that supports Safari. Learn how to build a Safari Web Extension that works for all devices, and discover how you can convert an existing extension to...

  • WWDC21

Secure login with iCloud Keychain verification codes

Learn how you can support on-device verification codes in your app or website for a more secure sign-in experience. We’ll explore the latest updates to the iCloud Keychain password manager and discover how verification codes, AutoFill, iCloud Keychain sync, and two-tap setup simplify the...

Best of Swift

  • WWDC21

Meet async/await in Swift

Swift now supports asynchronous functions — a pattern commonly known as async/await. Discover how the new syntax can make your code easier to read and understand. Learn what happens when a function suspends, and find out how to adapt existing completion handlers to asynchronous functions.

  • WWDC21

What‘s new in Swift

Join us for an update on Swift. Discover the latest language advancements that make your code easier to read and write. Explore the growing number of APIs available as Swift packages. And we’ll introduce you to Swift’s async/await syntax, structured concurrency, and actors.

Best of SwiftUI & Frameworks

  • WWDC21

Demystify SwiftUI

Peek behind the curtain into the core tenets of SwiftUI philosophy: Identity, Lifetime, and Dependencies. Find out about common patterns, learn the principles that drive the framework, and discover how you can use them to guarantee correctness and performance for your app.

  • WWDC21

What's new in SwiftUI

There’s never been a better time to develop your apps with SwiftUI. Discover the latest updates to the UI framework — including lists, buttons, and text fields — and learn how these features can help you more fully adopt SwiftUI in your app. Find out how to create beautiful, visually-rich...

  • WWDC21

Discover concurrency in SwiftUI

Discover how you can use Swift’s concurrency features to build even better SwiftUI apps. We’ll show you how concurrent workflows interact with your ObservableObjects, and explore how you can use them directly in your SwiftUI views and models. Find out how to use await to make your app run...

Best of System Services

  • WWDC21

Explore Nearby Interaction with third-party accessories

Discover how your app can interact with Ultra Wideband (UWB) third-party accessories when running on a U1-equipped device. We’ll show you how to use the Nearby Interaction framework’s standards-based technology to implement precise and directionally-aware experiences with accessories. Learn...

  • WWDC21

Connect Bluetooth devices to Apple Watch

Discover how you can integrate data from Bluetooth accessories into Apple Watch apps and complications. Bluetooth devices can provide medical data, sports stats, and more to Apple Watch, and help people get more out of your software in the process. We’ll show you how to connect to these devices...

  • WWDC21

Add support for Matter in your smart home app

The enhanced and new APIs in HomeKit enable smart home developers to integrate with the new Matter protocol in the most convenient way. Tour the Matter protocol, and discover how to set up and manage Matter accessories on our platforms and within your smart home apps.