Wednesday @ WWDC23

Two days are in the books — and there’s so much more to come. Get ready for another big day at WWDC.

Dive into sessions and activities

Start off in Slack, where you can connect with Apple engineers and designers on spatial design, WidgetKit, machine learning, 3D content, and much more.

Q&A: Spatial design

Join the Apple Design team in this 1 hour text-based Q&A on spatial design. Bring your questions about UI and UX best practices for creating a great experience on visionOS.

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Q&A: WidgetKit

Ask Apple engineers about the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks during this 2 hour text-based Q&A. Stop in to request guidance on a code-level question, ask for clarifications, or learn from others.

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Q&A: Machine learning open forum

Join us for an open forum to discuss anything related to machine learning in your app during this 1 hour text-based Q&A. Topics include Core ML, Create ML, Vision, Natural Language, Speech, Sound Analysis, TensorFlow and PyTorch model conversion, model compression, and more. Stop in to request...

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Q&A: Create 3D content for Apple platforms

Ask Apple engineers about using Reality Composer Pro, Object Capture, Reality Converter, and leveraging the USD file format for your 3D content during this hour long text-based Q&A. Stop in to request guidance on a code-level question, ask for clarifications, or learn from others.

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We’ve also posted new sessions on topics like SwiftUI, widgets, SwiftData, and Xcode test reports.

Design with SwiftUI

Discover how SwiftUI can help you quickly iterate and explore design ideas. Learn from Apple designers as they share how working with SwiftUI influenced the design of the Maps app in watchOS 10 and other elements of their work, and find out how you can incorporate these workflows in your own...

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Bring widgets to life

Learn how to make animated and interactive widgets for your apps and games. We’ll show you how to tweak animations for entry transitions and add interactivity using SwiftUI Button and Toggle so that you can create powerful moments right from the Home Screen and Lock Screen.

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Build an app with SwiftData

Discover how SwiftData can help you persist data in your app. Code along with us as we bring SwiftData to a multi-platform SwiftUI app. Learn how to convert existing model classes into SwiftData models, set up the environment, reflect model layer changes in UI, and build document-based applications...

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Fix failures faster with Xcode test reports

Discover how you can find, debug, and fix test failures faster with the test report in Xcode and Xcode Cloud. Learn how Xcode identifies failure patterns to help you find the right place to start investigating. We’ll also show you how to use the UI automation explorer and video recordings to...

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Test your knowledge in Dev Tools Trivia Time, WWDC’s fiercest competition! And come hang out with the SwiftUI team and chat about sessions, meet other members of the community, and share tips and tricks.

Dev Tools Trivia Time

Trivia Night returns to the Developer Tools channel! Test your trivia knowledge with multiple-choice questions on WWDC23 sessions, tools, frameworks, and Apple history.

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Break the SwiftUIce

Come hang out with the SwiftUI team for an hour of fun! Enjoy a text-based chat about your favorite sessions, meet other members of the SwiftUI community, share tips and tricks, and more.

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There’s still time to request lab appointments to meet one-on-one with experts about technology, design, app review, the App Store, and more. To make a request, visit the WWDC tab in the Apple Developer app or the go to the WWDC labs webpage.

Learn more about labs at WWDC23

A sneak peek at the visionOS SDK

Developers attending the special event at Apple Park visited the Apple Developer Center on Tuesday to learn more about building apps for Apple's new spatial operating system. “Going in, I was under the impression it was going to be tricky, or hard, or ‘where do I start?’” says Paul Hudson, iOS developer and founder of Hacking with Swift. “But actually — if you take what you know and add a little bit, you can make something good and then increment from there. It doesn’t take much to get something great. That’s my main takeaway.”

Find out how developers of apps like djay, Blackbox, JigSpace, and XRHealth are starting to build for spatial computing.

Learn more about developing for visionOS

Spotlight on: Developing for visionOS

Learn how the developers behind djay, Blackbox, JigSpace, and XRHealth started designing and building apps for Apple Vision Pro.

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你好,こんにちは、Human Interface Guidelines!

The Human Interface Guidelines are now available in Chinese and Japanese! And you can check out updated design recommendations for watchOS, App Shortcuts, widgets, and all the latest platform releases.

Human Interface Guidelines

Enjoy your day and we’ll catch you tomorrow for day four!