Challenge: Go big or go home

What’s better than people loving your app on iPhone? People loving your app on iPad and Mac, too! This challenge invites you to explore the ways you can expand your app’s presence in the Apple ecosystem. Explore prototyping your iPhone app for iPad, adding new desktop-class features to your iPad app, or bringing your app to macOS. Whatever it means to you, think big!

We also welcome you to visit the UI Frameworks Study Hall to collaborate on this challenge! Ask questions, connect with other developers, and share your creations.

Begin the challenge

Before you begin this challenge, check out our sessions on creating desktop-class iPad apps.

  • WWDC22

Meet desktop-class iPad

Learn how you can bring desktop-class features to your iPad app. Explore updates to UINavigationBar that bring more discoverability and customizability to your app’s features. Find out how the latest updates to UIKit can help make it easier and faster for people to explore content in your app....

  • WWDC22

Build a desktop-class iPad app

Discover how you can create iPad apps that take advantage of desktop class features. Join Mohammed from the UIKit team as we explore the latest navigation, collection view, menu, and editing APIs and learn best practices for building powerful iPad apps. Code along with this session in real time or...

  • WWDC22

Adopt desktop-class editing interactions

Discover advanced desktop-class editing features that can help people accelerate their productivity in your app. Learn how you can provide more interactions inline with your UI to help people quickly access editing features and make your iPadOS app feel right at home on macOS with Mac Catalyst....

If you already have an iPad app, this challenge is a great opportunity to refine it. If your iPad app is already at the top of its game, explore bringing it to Mac with Mac Catalyst — and consider the differences in the iPad and Mac idioms.

Don’t have an iPad app? Take this opportunity to start prototyping one! And if you’re only on iPhone, never fear – iPhone apps on the Mac are a quick and easy way to offer your iPhone app to M1 customers, no changes needed.

Tell us about the path you chose — and show us your progress! — in the UI Frameworks Study Hall. And don’t forget to show us what you’ve made on Twitter with the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges.

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