Challenge: Create an engaging tutorial

The DocC documentation compiler, available in Xcode 13, converts Markdown-based text into rich documentation for Swift frameworks and packages and displays it right in the Xcode documentation window. DocC also powers the interactive developer tutorials featured on In this challenge, we invite you to explore the tutorial functionality and design and build step-by-step instructions for an existing project you’ve created or an open source Swift package.

Begin the challenge

To get started writing a tutorial, add a Documentation Catalog to your existing project, or create a new framework project.

You’ll write your tutorial content in Markdown, and use directives to define specific types of pages and elements, like introductions, sections, steps, and assessments. Then, use the Build Documentation feature of Xcode — which runs the DocC compiler — to render your tutorial in a rich, interactive learning format.

diagram showing markdown translated to DocC tutorial format


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Meet DocC documentation in Xcode

Create great documentation with DocC

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Build interactive tutorials using DocC

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Elevate your DocC documentation in Xcode

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Building an Interactive Tutorial

SlothCreator: Building DocC Documentation in Xcode

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