Create accessible apps

Apple Accessibility icon on blue background

Your apps are most powerful when they empower everyone. Discover best practices when implementing frameworks and features like VoiceOver, Switch Control, custom rotors, speech synthesis, and keyboard and mouse input. And explore how you can use the Accessibility Inspector to test your app and iterate to create a truly great experience for everyone.

  • WWDC20

Make your app visually accessible

When you design with accessibility in mind, you empower everyone to use your app. Discover how to create an adaptive interface for your app that takes a thoughtful approach to color, provides readable text, and accommodates other visual settings to maintain a great experience throughout. We’ve...

  • WWDC20

Create a seamless speech experience in your apps

Augment your app’s accessibility experience with speech synthesis: Discover the best times and places to add speech APIs so that everyone who uses your app can benefit. Learn how to use AVSpeechSynthesizer to complement assistive technologies like VoiceOver, and when to implement alternative...

  • WWDC20

Accessibility design for Mac Catalyst

Make your Mac Catalyst app accessible to all — and bring those improvements back to your iPad app. Discover how a great accessible iPad app automatically becomes a great accessible Mac app when adding support for Mac Catalyst. Learn how to further augment your experience with support...

  • WWDC20

VoiceOver efficiency with custom rotors

Discover how you can integrate custom rotors and help people who use VoiceOver navigate complex situations within your app. Learn how custom rotors can help people explore even the most intricate interfaces, explore how to implement a custom rotor, and find out how rotors can improve navigation for...

  • WWDC20

App accessibility for Switch Control

Switch Control is a powerful accessibility technology for anyone with very limited mobility. The feature is available natively on iOS, and you can create an even better Switch Control experience in your app with tips, tricks, and a few APIs. We’ll walk you through how people use Switch Control,...