Challenge: SwiftUI Animation Extravaganza!

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Get your imagination ready for some high-quality visualization: We invite you to envision an animation and bring it to life using SwiftUI and Swift Playgrounds. Your animation can include text, shapes, colors, sounds, explosions, dancing cats — whatever brings you joy.

You could create a visualization that melts colors across an iPad screen as you tilt the device using CoreMotion, or code an animation that responds to environmental sounds from the microphone. Maybe your animation is generated by an AI; maybe it’s manually created through custom gestures.

Visit the Developer Tools Study Hall to collaborate on this challenge! Ask questions, connect with other developers, and share your creations.

Begin the challenge

To help get you started, check out the Animating Shapes project in Swift Playgrounds, which teaches you the basics of creating animations in SwiftUI and lets you browse a range of sample animations created using the framework. Use this as a jumping-off point for your own animation — or create a new project and start hacking from scratch.

Download Swift Playgrounds for macOS

Download Swift Playgrounds for iOS

Learn more about Swift Playgrounds

Need a bit of inspiration? Check out Animating Shapes, navigate to RollinRainbow.swift, and check out the wave effect applied across each column of a grid. Elsewhere, visit DancingDots.swift to see how you can use observable objects to animate a dynamic range of scale, color, and offset changes.

To find more resources, check out "Add rich graphics to your SwiftUI app" from WWDC21 or the web tutorial "Animating Views and Transitions." And you can also explore using the SwiftUI Canvas to draw rich, dynamic graphics. Good luck!

Add rich graphics to your SwiftUI app

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Animating views and transitions


Share your SwiftUI animations on Twitter with the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges, or show off your work in the Developer Tools Study Hall. And if you’d like to discuss animation or other aspects of SwiftUI and Swift Playgrounds, join the teams at events throughout the remainder of the week at WWDC22.

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