Challenge: Framework Freestyle

Framework icon with a question mark on top of it on a yellow background

No matter your level of expertise, it can be daunting to step out of your comfort zone when you’re first learning about new frameworks or technologies. Our challenge today presents a fun and interactive way to encourage you to try something new with an ARKit sample app and one framework of your choosing. What can you create in 100 lines of code or less?

Begin the challenge

This challenge is a gamified Augmented Reality experience created with RealityKit and ReplayKit. To participate, you’ll need to have downloaded the developer beta for iOS 15 and Xcode 13. After you do, download the Framework Freestyle sample project from this challenge and open it in Xcode, then build and run the app on your iOS device.

When you engage with the app, it triggers a mystery sequence of Apple frameworks, randomly selecting one of them. Here comes the fun part: We’re asking you to build something new using whatever framework the randomizer lands on — and do so using 100 lines of code or less! For example, if it lands on SwiftUI, you could experiment in Xcode with the canvas, or try making a basic search bar with .searchable. Don’t worry too much about building something perfect: Use this challenge to break the ice, learn, and have fun.


WWDC21 Challenge: Framework Freestyle

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