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How can I update or change my Safari Developer Program account information?

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I want to update the Apple ID and/or email address associated with my account. How do I do that?

To update the Apple ID and/or email address associated with your account, please visit My Apple ID and click "Manage your account". Once you sign in with your current Apple ID and password, you can make the desired changes to your account.

How do I add members to my Mac, iOS, or Safari development team?

If you are enrolled in the Safari Developer Program as a company and hold either the Agent or Admin role, you can invite co-workers to join your team by visiting the People tab in Member Center.

Members of your development team can access all the technical resources and benefits that are included with the Apple Developer Program(s) you are enrolled in.

Learn more about team roles.

How do I transfer my Agent role and account responsibilities to another team member?

You may transfer your Agent role by visiting the Your Account tab in Member Center and selecting Transfer Agent Role to start the process. Please note that the person you assign as your new Agent must have the legal authority to bind your company/organization to the Apple Developer Program legal agreements.

What is the digital certificate for?

This certificate allows your extensions to be installed on Safari, protects them from tampering, and ensures that you are the only one who can update your extension.

How do I distribute my Safari extensions?

Safari Extensions are easy to distribute. Users can download extensions that are hosted from your website, or you can submit your extensions to be considered for the Safari Extensions Gallery.

Where can I find additional information about Safari Extensions and Certificates?

You can learn more in the Apple Developer Forums. Developers enrolled in the Safari Developer Program can sign in to the Safari Developer Forums with their Apple ID.

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