Unlock the Power of 5G

With better performance for data transfer, higher bandwidth, lower latency, real-time interactivity, and so much more, 5G enables breakthrough innovations and new opportunities for developers.

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Great apps get better with 5G

Create unique experiences or optimize your current app to take advantage of 5G. And with coverage reaching more places, more users can benefit from 5G.

Move more data faster than ever

With faster downloads and uploads, you can enable new experiences for users and deliver better quality audio and video — all on the go.

Higher bandwidth and less network congestion

5G enables higher network speeds, even in densely populated areas, bringing better connectivity to places that would be challenging on LTE — for example, high-density urban areas, public venues, and transportation hubs.

More private and secure

You can help ensure the privacy and security of user data by not needing to connect to public, unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots as often. And Private 5G networks create new connectivity options for enterprise.

Real-time connectivity

Lower latency means reduced roundtrip time between the device and your server. Transactions are faster and you can create truly unique 5G experiences in gaming, AR, video, and audio with next to no buffering.

See what apps are doing today

More and more developers are delivering richer experiences with their 5G-optimized apps. And we canʼt wait to see you build entirely new experiences that weren’t previously possible.

Optimize for 5G networks

As the deployment of 5G networks accelerates to cover more of your users, youʼll want to support the high-performance characteristics of the network. Learn how to prepare and enhance your apps for an entirely 5G-optimized experience.

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