Online sessions

February 2 – March 24

Connect with Apple experts to learn how you can create best-in-class user experiences and discover the latest updates to Apple APIs and technologies. With these online sessions, you’ll explore the latest frameworks, dive into technical content, and get your questions answered.

Register for as many sessions as you like. During each session, a limited number of 30-minute one-on-one appointments will be available for registration so you can discuss implementation details or use cases for a particular technology in your app. Appointments will take place after the session on the same day.

Registration is open to all registered Apple developers based in India. Please sign in with your Apple ID associated with this region. Sessions have limited capacity so that we can best answer your questions.

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Design for Familiarity

As apps have become a part of daily life, people are now familiar with certain interactions and expect apps to behave predictably. Learn how you can put users in control by keeping interactive elements familiar and expected. Then explore the most recent design patterns that are now established paradigms for iOS apps. This session is helpful for designers, engineers, product managers, and many other roles.

Simple Ways to Improve Your App

Discover small, seemingly subtle touches that can dramatically impact your app’s user experience. We'll show you several ways to help make your app more intuitive, elegant, and cohesive.

Enhance Your iPad App with Advanced Interactions

Discover how your iPad app can offer even better user interactions with support for multiple input devices and productivity features. Find out how to implement keyboard navigation, the Focus system, and keyboard shortcuts to maximize productivity in your app. You’ll also learn how to adopt fluid pointer interactions and multiple item selection to support mice and trackpads, take advantage of the latest multitasking features, and learn about Apple Pencil features, such as PencilKit, Scribble, and Quick Note.

Plan Great Apple Watch Experiences

Apple Watch provides a lightning-fast way for users to interact with your app, letting you bring the best of your app to the wrist with timely interactions that focus on content users care about most. Explore key components of the watchOS experience and find out how to plan, design, and build an app that people will love. Whether you’re coming from iOS or starting a brand new watchOS-only project, we'll show you how to start, what to consider, and where to focus your efforts.

Build Compelling Augmented Reality Experiences

Discover key ingredients for creating effective AR experiences on iOS and iPadOS, the biggest AR platforms in the world. Learn how to craft immersive onboarding flows and explore techniques to effectively blend digital content with reality for convincing interactions.

Add Intelligence to Your App with Machine Learning

Discover how machine learning can help you unlock new opportunities for your app across Apple platforms. Explore sound classification, speech recognition, and Vision tasks, such as image classification, person segmentation, face detection, hand and body pose estimation, and object tracking. And find out how your app can train Core ML models fully on device to learn from user actions and offer smart, intuitive features.

Internationalise Your App for a Global Audience

Connect with people worldwide more easily by structuring your project, UI, and code so your app can be enjoyed across languages and cultures. Learn how to take advantage of Apple frameworks for presenting text, numerical values, dates, names and more in a way that respects the user’s locale, resulting in a familiar, intuitive experience. Discover how symbols, colors, typography, and pluralisation rules can vary across cultures and writing systems.

Support Accessibility in Your App

At Apple, we believe that technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone. Learn how to take advantage of the award-winning accessibility features that come standard on Apple devices, test your app for accessibility support, and iterate to create a truly great experience for everyone.

Extend Your App’s Presence with Extensions

App extensions let you extend custom functionality and content beyond your app as users interact with other apps or the system. Learn how your iPhone or iPad app can appear as a widget on the Home screen, send notification alerts with customized appearances, automatically upgrade accounts to use strong passwords or Sign in with Apple, and more.