Ask Apple

December 12 to 16

Join us for another exciting week of Ask Apple, where you can connect directly with Apple experts to get your questions answered — or just hang out and learn from the conversation. Ask about integrating the latest technologies, designing intuitive UIs, getting the most out of developer tools, and so much more.

Ask Apple Icons


Get your questions answered by Apple experts and engage with the developer community through text-based group chats in Slack. We’ll focus on optimizing experiences for new platforms and hardware, from supporting new features like Dynamic Island to migrating to Swift and SwiftUI. Q&As will also be available in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.


Accessibility & Inclusion

App Services

App Store

Augmented Reality


Developer Tools

Graphics & Games

Health & Fitness

ML & Vision

Privacy & Security

SwiftUI & UI Frameworks

System Services

Highlights in Japanese

Highlights in Korean

Highlights in Simplified Chinese

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Request a one-on-one 25-minute consultation on creating and distributing great apps that take advantage of the latest in technology and design. Ask for code-level assistance, design guidance, input on implementing technologies and frameworks, advice on resolving issues, or help with App Review guidelines and distribution tools. Consultations are hosted in various time zones and languages.

Ask Technology Evangelism

Australia & New Zealand


Greater China


Latin America


São Paulo


Southeast Asia


Ask Design Evangelism


Greater China

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To register, you’ll need to be a current member of the Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program. View the attendance policy.